Hi Friends,

           Thank You for Visiting my About Page. On this page, I will talk about me & this blog. First of all, I want to talk about this blog. Yes! What topic did I share on this blog? So, Let’s find out the Answer below:

What Topics did I share on this blog?

Let me clear you, This blog is all about technologies and hobby related. This is the Blog where I provide you information on the technology or provides information on the computer, internet, website, etc. and sharing my emotions, feelings, and experiences before the world through Poem, Story, Article, Quote, Comedy, etc.

The mind behind this Blog:

My name is Rup Raj and Web Tech Villa is my Blog. Starting Blogging is my Hobby and if anyone reading my post, it helps you to learn basic things about technologies, touch his/her heart and also make him/her happy, inspire and motivate then I will be happy.

Please, Feely contact me without any hesitation.

 You can contact us: 

Email:  webtechvilla@gmailcom