Advanced Google Searching: Find Your Result More Accurately

Advanced Google Searching: Find Your Result More Accurately

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           Advanced Google searching tips use for finding various types of topics on the internet easily. Almost all the world uses the search engine company Google’s Google Chrome as an internet browser.

            Many of them use Google just as an advanced search engine. But the recent time Google has become more popular as a search engine all over the world.

            Google not only shows you the list of websites you have been searching on the internet but also answers many questions of your quires.

           Google advanced search operators engine has the highest Queries search on the internet due to the straightforwardness and its useful search tools. 

           You use advanced Google searching for finding anything on the Internet, but the problem is many times you cannot find out what you want to find. That why many users were not able to perform well on Google.

           Suppose, you want to find out about particular things or topics, but the entire detail is exposed in front of you. So it may consume your lots of valuable times to finding particular things or topic.

           Therefore, today I am telling you to Google search techniques, which will help you to increase your searching ability. So let’s know it without losing your time.

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The traditional way to search for information 

           Searching for information through Google from the Internet is very natural. In a second you can collect a bundle of knowledge of the world.

            First, you need to launch an anyone web browser on your mobile phone or computer.

           Then write your question in the search bar of the web browser what you want to search for.

           For example, you want to ask a question about “Statue of Liberty “.

After typing the question on your web browser, tap on the search button or press enters from the computer keyboard or mobile.

           In a few seconds, you will get information related to the question you have searched.

           But Google shows you every type of result i.e. includes articles, videos, photos, etc. and this information is derived from different websites.

           Therefore, you need to know advanced Google searching tips for controlling the search result and make your search engine web browser special.


1. Use Quotation marks (” ”) for an exact match: 

If you put quotation marks in the word which you want to use for search, then it will be easy for you to get the correct results.

           Suppose, you want to search on a particular topic in Google. So for you to use this Quotation Mark (” “) between your question then Google only shows the results of the specific word.

           Make it simple with an example, you search on Google as “how to be successful” then Google search will show the search result only related to these four words.

            Through this Google trick, you will be able to get direct and fast results on any subject and save your time.

2. Use a dash (-) for Exclude Search Terms: 

Sometimes you want to know about something. So Google shows you the results of more famous things related to it in front of you.

            Like, you want to know about Apple eating, but Google shows you the information about Apple mobile phones.

           To avoid this confusion, you can use Google’s exclude word command for searching.

           Like: Apple – iPhone

           On the Other hand, if two meanings of a word are coming out, then you can only get it by placing the name of another word by putting a dash.

           For example jaguar-animal, 

           Here you only want to search Jaguar animal, then writing the animal word with a dash. These will bring only the animal not the facts related to the jaguar car.

           So to find exclude certain terms, you use dash as a trick right before the phrase that you want to leave out.

3. Use tilde (~) for finding similar results: 

 If you put a tilde after writing a word on Google then it searches both for that specific word and for the word’s synonyms.

  For these, you put the ‘~’ symbol before a word tells the Google search engine that you are looking for words similar to the one you entered. 

           For example: Suppose you write if you were shopping for a used ‘car’, but also might be interested in a ‘pre-owned van’ or a ‘second-hand vehicle’, a good search term to use would be ‘~used ~cars’.

            After then you will get only things related to it.

4. Use (Site: ) Specific Site Search:

 If you want to Google Search Engine to show you the only results of a specific site then you can use the command of “site”. 

           After putting the name of the website and write site: in front of it then Google search result shows you limited results.

           And it will only search for information related to that website which name you have written. 

           Like: site:webtechvilla, if you want to search webtechvilla website, then by doing this you will see results only webtechvilla website.

           In this way, you can only find out the information on your favorite website.

5. Use (..) for a certain period or value between :

If you want to achieve something related to a certain period about a place or person, then you can use this symbol.

           For Example: If you want only films between 1980 and 90, then we can get only films of this period by putting 1980..90.

           You can also use it Search between specific word limits 

           Also, if you want to search a product in the middle of a particular price then you use the command (..) symbol between two numbers.

          Like computer $ 50.. $ 250

In this way, you will be shown the results of a computer price between 50 to 250 dollars.

6. Search the #hashtab

           You must have used # while writing posts on social media sites especially Facebook, Twitter. 

           With the word hashtag, you can search all posts related to this word in your account.

           Google also provides you the facility to search hashtag words. If you want to search with the hashtag, then search for it by putting # before the search term.

           For example: #frenchopen

7. Search Wildcard Entry

           Do you know about what does * mean when searching?

Well, * (Asterisk) use as a placeholder for unknown words in the Google search engine. 

           For Example: if you search on Google search bar like – fastest * in the world

           In this search term, you have put * after the fastest. This means that the word is unknown.

           Now Google will decide and usually be able to fill in the rest related of the unknown word you have searched.

8. Use OR for searching two words simultaneously /Combine Search.

           You can search two words simultaneously which is called Combine Search. These can be used in combination with keywords to include or exclude different results. For this, the word will be used is the OR.

For Example: If you type on Google Search bar fruit or mango, then Google will return results for either term.

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Do you know these 5 advanced Google searching tricks of Google, which will completely shake your mind? 

 Google has cool features that can make you inserting and fun-loving. Let’s know about these google magic tricks.

1. Do you want to show magic to someone, if your answers yes then these Google magic tricks is for you? For this, you have to search by typing Zerg Rush on your Google Chrome search bar and after that, you will see all the things will be automatically deleted on Google and finally the whole screen will turn white.

2. If you want to tilt your screen aside, then you have to search by typing Tilt on your Chrome Brower. After this, your one side screen will be tilt.

3. If you are bored and want to time pass, then these tricks will help you. For this, you will have to search by typing Atari Breakout on your Google Chrome. After this, a game will appear on the computer screen and you can pass your time by playing it.

4. If you search on Chrome Brower by typing Recursion, then you will get the normal result and after did you mean: tap on the recursion option, and then the user will get the same result as before.

5. If you also search by typing Google guitar and then tap on the link at the top. So, whatever happens, will make your mind completely shaken.

Just try it

Useful Google Search Tips and Tricks 

Here, I am sharing the most useful advanced Google searching tips to search for specific information from Google which you may have never used before.

1. Know Distance between Two Places

           If you want to find out the distance between any two places on the Google Search bar then the Google search engine can help you in this matter and also tell you the way.

           Example: Suppose you want to find the distance between New York to Los Angeles. So for this, you will write something like this in Google’s search bar.

Distance from New York to Los Angeles 

           After writing like this, you will see the distance between the two places along with the time taken in front of you. See the screenshots below.

Google Maps Showing Distance from New York to Los Angeles
Google Maps Showing Distance from New York to Los Angeles

In this way, you can find the distance between any two places present.

2. Know the Time

         To find out the time, you will always watch the clock or see the screen of your mobile phone. But these two only tell you the local time.

            So, if you want to know the time of another country, like India, China, Japan, etc. Then Google can become your world watch to know the international time and can tell you the time of any day.

           For this, Use this phrase [country] time to find the time.

Example: If you want to know the time of India, you write in Google’s search bar.

           India time

           After typing the press search tab or press enter, you will be shown the current time of India.

Google Showing Location Based Time
Google Showing Location Based Time

3. Know Weather from Google

           If you want to know about the current weather of a country or city. Then Google will help you. Google will give you the current weather information according to your location and also get the live weather information of a country or city.

            You can find the current weather of that country by typing Temp in front of the country name.

           For example, if you want to know the weather of China, then write as below mention tricks on the search bar.

           Temp china

           After typing press search tap or press enter, the information about the weather of China will be shown in front of you.

4. Search Related Websites

           Do you want to find more websites like your favourite website? If your answer yes then question in your mind how it possible. In this matter, advanced Google searching tips can help you to do this task.    

           Suppose if you want to find more websites technical related sites like So for this, you can use the related command.

You would use this trick. Below is the Google site search syntax.


           When you search the sentence written above, you will be shown more sites like these sites.

5. Turn on the Calculator (Use Calculator)

           If you want to calculate online then Google also provides you a calculator. To start Google calculator just search by typing calc in the search bar.

           After doing this, the Google calculator will appear in front of you. Now you can easily do mathematical work from here.

Calculator Google
Calculator Google

6. Use Unit Converter

           You can also easily convert units through Google. For this, Google provides a free unit converter. To use Google’s unit converter just search by typing unit converter on the search bar.

Google unit converter
Google unit converter

7. Know Currency Price

           You can know the value of one country’s currency through Google. For this, simply search Google’s search bar by typing Currency 1 to Currency 2. 

           By doing this, Google’s Currency Converter Tool will open. Here you can compare the currency of any two countries.

           Like: dollar to rupee 

Google Currency Converter
Google Currency Converter Showing Dollar to inr

8. Set Timer

           If you have limited time to do something specific or see your running time. For this kind of task, Google also helps you.

           The online timer in Google opens after searching by typing timer on Google. Through which you can also use Stopwatch. 

           Google Timer and Stopwatch 

Google Timer
Google Timer

9. Find Your IP Address

           An IP address is the name of any device through which know in online communication like your name. Similarly, your computer, laptop, and smartphone also have a name which is called IP address. 

           You can easily find out the IP address of your computer or mobile phone through Google.

           To find the IP address just search by typing what is my IP on Google’s search bar. After doing this, the IP address of your device will show you.

10. Search around your workplace (Near Me)

           If you are in an unknown city and looking for a hotel then you can find hotels near your location by using the near me feature of Google.

           Not only hotels these features also help you to find out the hospitals, petrol pumps, ATMs, etc. near your location.

         For example: To find a hotel just search by typing hotel near me on Google’s search bar, then Google will provide you information about the nearest hotels based on your location.

11. Define a word

           If you want to know the definition of a word, then by using define with that word on the Google search bar. After that, you can know the definition of that word.

           Google uses the Dictionary Tool for this task. This tool is very useful for students.

           Like: – define: internet

Google Defining Internet
Google Defining Internet

12. Translate (word)

           If you know the meaning of your words in another language. Then you can use Google Translate tools.

 For this, you can use this formula to translate [sentence] to [language].

Like; translate “how are you” to Hindi

13. Find the time of sun rise/sunset at someplace.

After typing sunset or sunrise in the Google search bar and write the name of the city, Google will show the time of sunset or sun rise at that place.

 14) Lowercase Words and Uppercase Words

           Suppose you type the internet like Internet, then it will be called Lowercase words. On the other hand typing internet like INTERNET, then it will be called Uppercase Words. 

           Lowercase words are not sensitive but uppercase words are sensitive. Make it simple with an example.

          If you type micromax in the Google search bar, it will search for the words MICROMAX, micromax, Micromax, etc., but if typing MICROMAX, it will search only for the word MICROMAX.

15) Search Local Attraction:

If you always travel, then this feature of Google is very essential for you. In Google, you can search for local attractions of any city with images. For this, type attractions next to the city name in the search.

Example: New York attractions

New York attractions
New York attractions

           In advanced Google searching tips of the article, you know the information about the best Google tricks of Google search engine. You can use them to become a master of Google search. 

           I hope these articles will useful for you. You can also share it with your friends so that they also can know about these best useful Google search tips.

          So share this post with friends and family members on Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter. Subscribe to get other similar information in your email id. Thanks for reading.

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