Android Accessibility Settings

Android Accessibility Settings: Incredible Features of Android Smartphones

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Android is the world’s most favorite OS of smartphones. This operating system always tries to update new features in Android Accessibility Settings. That’s why many companies adopt it and set huge records of sales.

           Its easy features and support application makes it most popular among the people. Not only this, but it is also providing very special features to the people.

           That’s why today’s most popular operating system is Android. More than 80% of people are using Android Operating System and day by day increasing its users.

           Today I am going to discuss with you the amazing hidden features of Android Accessibility Settings. These amazing features are not very well known and the lack of knowledge of information only a few people really know the uses of these features.

What are the uses of Android Accessibility Settings?

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Android Accessibility Settings
Android Accessibility Settings

Android accessibility features allow users to improve their experience by customizing their device or modifying accessibility settings or apps. It provides very special features for those people who are facing a range of disabilities such as visual, hearing, and speech impairments and boosts their ability to access and interact with the apps.

But a few people know about these features that why these features do not come into focus.

Before go to deeper of the articles the below noted questions will help you to read the full articles.

• Do you want to listen to a text by taping or selecting it?

• Do you want to zoom your Smartphone screen?

• Do you want to see Text in high quality and better Clarity?

 Android Accessibility Settings – Useful Features of Android Settings

 Let’s go to “Android Accessibility Settings” so that you can quickly learn about these useful features.


When going to settings and tap accessibility, the first option you will see is to Talkback. 


 If your eyes’ visual is low, then this feature can be very helpful for you.

 After enabling this option by going to the Accessibility Settings, whatever you tap or press, you will hear all the words. With this, you can use your mobile well without looking in the glass.

It will tell you by speaking that you have selected the setting. If you do anything on the phone like which bottom you will press, which letter you will press, etc. you hear it by speaking.

TalkBack is also known as Google TalkBack because Google has made it for those people who are especially blind or who have poor eyesight.

To turn Google TalkBack on or off, go to Settings> Accessibility> TalkBack> tab the option of On/Off

2. Magnification Gesture

Magnification Gesture
Magnification Gesture

Through this feature, you can zoom in to see anything on the Android phone. This feature allows temporary zooming or magnification of the screen.

After activating it, you simply double-tap on the screen of your Smartphone then the screen will automatically zoom!

you have to use both your fingers to scroll the screen.

 While recording your Smartphone screen or for any other purpose it would not be nice if you could not zoom off the Smartphone Screen?

This Accessibility Feature is designed to do your work. And with the help of these features, you can zoom the screen of your Smartphone as much as you want!

  To activate Magnification Gesture, go to Settings> Accessibility> Magnification and turn it on!

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3. Select to Speak

Select to Speak
Select to Speak

Select to Speak is also a great feature of Android Accessibility Settings. Which should be done when needed.

 It tells your selected text by speaking what you have selected. 

 To activate Select to Speak, go to Settings> Accessibility> Select to Speak and turn on it.


4. Accessibility Shortcut

Accessibility Shortcut
Accessibility Shortcut

 This is a Shortcut Feature. This is given so that you do not have to travel for a long process or manually go to Accessibility Settings!

 After turning it on, you will get straight into Accessibility Settings.

 You simply have to hold both Volume Buttons of your Smartphone simultaneously for 3 Seconds!

 Note: This shortcut does not apply to all smartphones. Because SmartCuts are given different shortcuts according to manufacturers.

 To turn it on, go to Settings> Accessibility> Accessibility Shortcut.

5. Speech password

Speak Passwords is also a beautiful in-built screen reader software for Android which will read out passwords to the user. It makes it easier to fill in passwords for many users.

However, remember that you can only use it on headphones. So Headphones will be required for using these features.

To activate these Accessibility features on your android device go to Settings> Accessibility> Tap to select Speak passwords to enable speech when you enter your password.

6. Color inversion

This feature of accessibility is also special. After turning on these features the entire display will be in inverse color, meaning white will become black and red will become black. Things will be interpreted in a negative style.

7. Color Correction

This feature can only be seen in the advanced model of the Android operating system 5.0.

Many people will not see some color. It is extremely beneficial for people with color blinds. This feature is very effective for those people.


8. Switch access

Switch access
Switch access

 Switch access is also a great feature of Android Accessibility Settings.  Switch access allows users with limited mobility to control their phones. This feature provides an alternative way to the touchscreen of the Smartphone. This allows the user to as an alternative to using a switch, keyboard, or mouse.

s a feature that allows users with very limited mobility to control their entire smartphone

9. Power button ends call

There is also a cool feature in Android Accessibility Settings. You can disconnect any phone call by simply pressing the power button on your phone. You can set this feature with accessibility.

Apart from this, some other good and useful features have been provided in the Android Accessibility Settings too! But you cannot know them all in one post because it makes Article too long.

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