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Android mobile overheating problem and Prevent it

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Android mobile overheating problem is embryonic as a serious problem in every Smartphone. In general, a little warmth is normal for every Android Smartphone. Because Smartphones used for a lot of heavy apps, games, or functions. And due to social media; it uses more and more.

Mobile Phone has become a necessity for all people in today’s time. So, due to pressure on the mobile processor for a long time, it becomes heating up and creates an overheating problem for android mobile.

           Moreover, when you are watching movies or using apps or games on a mobile it becomes so overheating that the fear of exploding the mobile. So, if your mobile is facing such an overheating problem, it is important to be careful now.

Otherwise, Smartphone heat increases the chances of a device malfunction. Even Mobile overheating can also be dangerous for us. It will also burst due to the overheating of the phone. Therefore, it should be kept away from heating up. 

           In this article, I will teach you “Why Android mobile is overheating?” And “how to stop your phone from overheating?” If you want to keep your mobile safe and protect it from overheating then articles will help you to fix the problem.

           Now the questions arise, why your mobile phone is overheating and what I can to do when my device is heating up. Below I am explaining complete information so that you can save your mobile from overheating problems by the following steps:

How to Stop Phone from Overheating


           There are several reasons why overheating occurs in the Smartphone. It can never be said that the phone is heating up for only one particular reason.

At now times, your mobile may become overheated causing unnecessary apps is running in the background of your mobile device. A poor processor of the smartphone or using multiple apps can be creating an overheating problem in the smartphone.

Moreover, a bad battery, bad charger, or any hardware problem on the mobile can cause “Battery Overheating”. Some of the venomous viruses or malware on mobile are also the cause of this problem.

The fact is, every smartphone will heat to some extent. But, it becomes a problem when the device becomes so hot that you are afraid to catch it or feel too hot to catch it. 

Why is my phone overheating so quickly?

           Below I will explain some of the common and recognizable reasons, which are the main causes of mobile heating.

Playing heavy games or apps:

Apart from this, when games are played on your mobile device or heavy applications are running.

In this entire process, if your mobile processor and RAM is weak or low, and you are running more heavy games or applications on it, then your mobile will be overheated is very high.

Because of this, the “hardware configuration” of your mobile is not enough to run such heavy games or software and due to the high pressure on the processor and RAM of the mobile becomes overheated.

In this case, there is a chance that your mobile will be damaged. Also, keep the Smartphone RAM clean from time to time.

Viruses or malware:

Not only this, even If you have viruses or malware in an Android mobile, then this malware virus is responsible for causing severe heat on your mobile device.

Any malware or virus is intended to harm your mobile device and creating an overheating problem on your device.

Sometimes, you download and install apps from many unreliable other places, except the Google play store. While you are downloading apps from such untrustworthy places, these malicious malware viruses have also come to your mobile and it may affect overheating device problems.

In this case, you can install good antivirus software on the mobile for scanning the malware virus off your mobile.

  • Display brightness is too high: Frequently, the brightness of the display on your mobile is very high then the upper part of the mobile becomes so hot. However, this is not a problem. But, it has the opportunity to put pressure on your eyes and mobile batteries. So, I would suggest you for keeping the display brightness of your mobile in auto settings mode all the time.
  • Faulty charger or battery: Apart from this, while you are using a bad battery on your mobile phone, a bad charger or a bad charger cable can be the reason for the smartphone to overheat. If your mobile is too old and most of the time the mobile is overcharge (over 100%), there is a chance that the battery will be damaged. If the cause of mobile overheating for the battery or bad charger of the mobile, then the problem of heating can be eliminated by “replacing” them. However, you have to look for the worst product for charging a Smartphone with a bad or duplicate charger then the Smartphone can also become hot.
  • Wi-Fi has been connected for a too long period: Sometimes, you may use the Internet by turning on your mobile Wi-Fi or by running the hotspot on the mobile or tethering an Internet Connection with an Android Phone to the computer. This process is normal, and I also use this process on mobile phones every day. But using mobile Wi-Fi or mobile hotspot for long periods it also increases your mobile phone heating up.
  • Hardware & Software issues: Sometimes hardware or software is a cause of the phone that may overheat. In this case, you can find a solution to this problem at any mobile store. However, if the problem of overheating is related to your mobile software, then it can be solved by mobile reset or format.
  • Faulty background running apps: On your mobile, you download and using multiple apps simultaneously in a Smartphone is also a reason for overheating in a Smartphone. Generally, trusted or trusted applications do not do any special damage. However, 5% of mobile heating is caused by some faulty mobile applications or apps that run on the background of your mobile, these apps cause a lot of damage and stress on mobile processors and especially on the mobile battery. Moreover, many features like smartphones’ location, Bluetooth, WI-FI are on because Internet data is always on in smartphones and while these features are also not used so much but keeping them on always also affects the battery of the Smartphone and the battery becomes hot. Therefore charge of the mobile ends very quickly and in many cases, the smartphone becomes warm and warm. So, if there are any unreliable or unnecessary apps run on your mobile phones then delete them now or close the apps that are not needed. 

Responsible for why is my phone hot and losing battery

           Before you know how to stop or fix when your mobile device is facing an overheating problem, you should also know for some other reasons “Why your mobile is overheating?”

           First of all, the reason for mobile heating is especially the hardware involved. It can be for mobile batteries, due to processors, charging unit and many other hardware problems. However, there is a 5% chance that your mobile software is heating up for a slight error. In the meantime, some signs tell you “why mobile is heating up”. When problems arise on any smartphone, our suspicion is first on its battery.

           However, if the hot side is coming from the backside of the mobile, then this hot feeling is coming from the battery. Lithium-ion batteries now a day on smartphones are very power efficient. And so, many times these types of batteries get heated. These lithium-ion batteries become extremely hot when they facing some problems.

            Moreover, if the hot feeling is coming from the front screen of the mobile, it may be because of the CPU or GPU of the mobile. When the CPU and GPU work normally, the volume is generally hot. When more pressure is placed on them, the feeling of warmth increases. That way, if the hot feeling of the mobile is coming from the bottom, then there is a chance that the phone’s charging unit has been facing some issues.

How to Stop Phone from Overheating

           So, you know all about why the mobile becomes overheated. Now, let’s get to the bottom “What to do when your mobile device is overheated”.

           First of all, let me tell you, if your mobile gets too hot, show up at the mobile repairing shop or service center without delay.

           However, before you go to the service center, you can shoot the do below.

Delete unnecessary apps: The more apps installed on your mobile, the more battery will be used, as well as its effects of a push notification, background running apps, RAM and storage. So, keep as few apps as possible on your mobile and delete unnecessary apps from your device so always mobile will be much lighter and the hardware will be less stressed

Install antivirus software: I have already told you above that even if the phone has a malware virus then mobile can be faced overheating problems. So, use a good mobile antivirus so that you can remove the virus from your mobile and solve the problem of mobile heating up.

Check the charging cable: While you are charging your mobile if it becomes heating up then charger’s charging cable may have been damaged. Many times, a charger cable, as well as some charger problem, will create heating up the problem while charging. Therefore, try a good quality charging cable without delay. If the problem is being solved, then it is better to use a new charger. Moreover, remember to keep the charge on mobile for 5% above all the time so that your battery of the mobile will be good health.

Turn off unused apps: sometimes a bad habit that does not completely shut down any apps on mobile. As a result, apps are continuing to run in the background. In this case, the problem of mobile heating can be exacerbated. So, after using any app, you must close it completely.

Fix Android phone overheating issue

Reducing your screen’s brightness: we expend so much time looking at the smartphone screen’s brightness and this is not good for us. There are several negative effects that the unnatural light can cause more brightness on the mobile device. It is also the reason for the front of the screen is often heated. So, dim your screen below the minimum brightness and always keep the mobile brightness in the auto option. 

Don’t put too much pressure on the mobile: See how much RAM, GPU and processor core/speed are available on your mobile device and also use supported apps or games. When using games or apps heavier than your hardware of the mobile processor, there is a lot of pressure on the hardware processor. As a result, the inside of the mobile begins to heat up. Therefore, do not use heavy applications on the mobile and using apps that are suitable or loaded in your mobile hardware processor capability.

Open the mobile case: Many times, mobile phone cases are so tight that the ordinary heat generated inside the mobile cannot be emitted. As a result, mobiles become increasingly hot. So, if the case is mounted on your mobile, then open it then your mobile will be cold immediately.

Turn off other Connectivity: If your mobile is only heating up when you are using a mobile hotspot, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, it is best to use as few as possible. Moreover, keep your mobile in flight mode or airline mode every day for some time.


In conclusion

            Through today’s post, you learned how to stop the Android mobile overheating problem and through this post I also told you the reason for the overheating. I hope you get all the information about it and now you will be able to save your mobile device from heating up problems. If you have any questions or suggestions, please comment below. Also if you want to get the latest update on our website, then you have to subscribe to our WEBTECHVILLA website.

           Thanks for spending your valuable time for reading, have a nice day.

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