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Computer tricks – Every Computer User Must Know

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‘Computer Tricks Every Computer User Must Know’, in this article I will share the best and most useful computer tricks that every computer geek should be known. Make your work easier and save valuable time by using this Computer Tips & Tricks.

            So let discuss the useful pc tricks.

Computer tips and tricks

            A computer is a system through which you can easily do many tasks. Nowadays, computers are used in almost every government and private office for functioning their office or private works smoothly.

             Computer Course – Computer education is the course of learning about computers. Its education has become an essential part of the twenty-first century. Therefore, you must need to learn about computers.

            Today everyone is encouraging their children to do Computer studies. Computer Training Institutes have been seen in every small and big city.

             So let talk about the most useful computer tricks and shortcuts.

 5 Amazing Computer Tricks


 1) How to format a computer?

            Sometimes you upgrade the computer’s Windows or format your computer all drives. Also, viruses of your computer arise many problems as computer hangs, restarts, speed decreases, delete data, etc. Whatever the reason may be to solve these computer problems, you must format your computer.

            But, If you want to format your Computer in a computer hub then they can charge you up to Rs 300 to 400. But you can easily format a computer by using these tricks.  You do not need to give a single rupee to anyone.

 Tools to Format Computer

             It is very important to have a CD (Bootable DVD) of Windows Operating Systems to format a Computer. Without it is difficult to format the computer that’s why first of all CDs of Windows Operating Systems. You will have to be purchased from the computer shop and buying from an online shopping site. If you have a CD or file of WindowsOperating System then you can easily format your computer without anyone’s help.


            Before formatting a computer you should be back up all the necessary computer data in your pen drive. Otherwise, all the data on your computer deleted.

 Follow the steps one by one -:

 1) Insert the Bootable DVD into your PC’s DVD Rom.

 2) Now Restart your computer.

 3) Press the ENTER button on your computer keyboard up to 4-5 times.  A Booting process will be started if not start the booting process. Then press the button of F12, F10, F8 on the keyboard for starting the booting process.

 4) Select CD / DVD Rom and press ENTER key button up to 4-5 times.

 5) Now the window is loading and the booting process will start.

 6) In a few seconds, a window will open, select the language and time zone in it and click on the Next button.

 7) Now click on “Install Now”.

 8) Select the operating system that supports your computer and click on the Next button.


 9) Now a new window will open, it will have 2 options Upgrade and Custom Advance.  If you want to use the same operating system as before, then you can choose the Upgrade option, if you want to use the new operating system then click on Custom Advance.

  10) Accept the terms and conditions, then click on Next.

 11) Choose the drive that you want to format like C Drive. Select and click on Format below and click on Next.

 12) Now the Installing Window will appear, wait for a few minutes, when 100% is complete then your computer will restart automatically.

 13) After restarting the computer, it will open the computer’s User Name and password, enter your preferred name and click on Next.

 14) Now a window will open, it will have 3 options, click on Ask Me Later.

 15) Select the time and date in a new window and click on NEXT.

            Now your computer is fully formatted. You can do the necessary setting and software install in it.

 2) Computer tricks with keyboard

             There are many shortcut keys on the computer keyboard, through which you can do your work fast.  Information about the computer shortcut key is very important to all computer users.

            We can use these shortcut keys to increase our typing speed that’s why you should be aware of all shortcut keys.  Doing computer work without using a shortcut key is very difficult. You should make a habit of using shortcuts key.

             Let’s know some of the essential shortcut keys of e Computer which always prove very useful.

  • For Copy=       ( Ctrl + C )
  • To Paste =        ( Ctrl + V )
  • For Cut  =       ( Ctrl + X )
  • To Delete  =    ( Ctrl+ D)
  • For redo =        (Ctrl +Y)
  • To Replace =   (Ctrl +H )
  • for save =         (Ctrl+ S)
  • To Print =       (Ctrl +P )
  • Refresh =          (Press F5)
  • Select All Files = ( Ctrl +A)
  • To give the underline = (Ctrl + U)
  • Align Left to go =          (Ctrl+ L )
  • To go to the center =      (Ctrl+ E)
  • Go to Align Right =       (Ctrl+ R)
  • For Find or search =      (Ctrl +F)
  • Reload to a web page = (Ctrl+ R)
  • Open a new (file)  =       (Ctrl +O )
  • Move a file =                  (Ctrl+ M )
  • New Tab to start =          (Ctrl +N )
  • Undo or to get back =     (Ctrl +Z )
  • Bold to do the word (bold style) = (Ctrl + B )
  • Italic to do the word (italic style) = (Ctrl+ I)  

            These are the most commonly used shortcut keys of the computer while working on the computer. So it is very important to keep these shortcuts in your mind.

 3) Check some important computer tricks everyone should know


            You learn to operate a computer, but do you know the system tools of your computer.

            You should have information about Windows edition, Service pack System, Model, Processor, Ram, Driver pack, Workgroup setting, Windows activation of your computer. 

            With a very simple trick, you can check easily important details of your computer.

            Let’s see how to check all these system tools of the Computer-

Follow the steps:

  • Go to my computer
  • Click on the right button
  • Click on last option properties
  • Check on your computer screen, your computer’s details

 You will get a lot of information about your computer system by using these Computer tricks.

 4)  Computer basic tricks, if your computer hangs


      The biggest problem with computers is that it hangs. This problem slows down the entire computer, stops working, deleted the computer’s data, and many more problems.

            Our computer hangs while too much workload or more pages will open on the Computer system. When the computer hangs, all the work on the computer will be stoped or cannot save the data. So it is very important to solve this problem.

            To solve the hanging problem with your computer, you should have as much information about the computer as possible. 

            Let’s know a simple and small trick that will make your computer will start working while hanging.

 Follow the Steps: –

Press all 3 buttons on the computer keyboard (Shift+Ctrl+ Esc) simultaneously.

 Now a window will open, press END TASK.

 Now wait a few seconds, your computer will start working.

5) How to Change Computer Name?

             While repairing your Computerina computer hub, then a computer mechanic will format Computer andchange the name of your computer and sets the name of his shop or others.

            Computer Name always appears in User Files.  It is not necessary to change to Computer Name, but everyone wants to have a different identity on their computer.

Let’s see how to Change Computer Name


Follow the Step:

  • First, click on My Computer.
  •  Then right-click in My Computer and click on Properties below.
  •  Now a window will open and click on the Computer Name option in it.
  • Click on Computer Name, the window of System Properties will open and click on Change option.
  • Now a window of Computer Name Change will open and put the name that you like in the Computer Name box.  And click OK.

 Now your computer will be restarted and the Computer Name will be changed.

            So Friends, Thank you for the full reading of Computer Tricks- Every Computer User Must Know article. If you like this information, then please comment in the comment box and help others by sharing it on social media. Thank you.

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