how to connect mobile internet to desktop

How to connect mobile internet to computer

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            Guys let’s start today’s blog with some technical questions on internet access. Though it might sound a bit childish in this era. But these facts are interesting and mind bubble up your thoughts. Do you want how to connect mobile internet to pc? Do you know that your smartphone can access the internet on your computer or laptop?  If your computer or laptop has not Wi-Fi or Bluetooth option then how you can use your mobile internet on your Computer or Laptop? Today I will tell you how to connect mobile internet to computer using your smartphone without any third-party software installed in your computer system.

            Before going to the topic let discuss some other things you should want to be known.

Android owners have 3 (three) tethering options to access an internet connection with their computer or laptop.

1) Connecting via Bluetooth

2) Using your smartphone as a wireless hotspot

3) Knob your Smartphone to your computer via USB

            Today I am focusing on the USB tethering technique only.

            Connecting your mobile internet to a computer or laptop through tethering you will need a USB cable, this is the cable that you using while charging your mobile phone. It is one of the easiest and most consistent methods of how to connect mobile data to pc or laptop. If you don’t have access to a free public Wi-Fi network, but you have a substantial data plan on your Android smartphone then you might give your mobile data to your Windows computers.

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Now a question arises —-What is Tethering?

         The technique of connecting mobile internet to a computer or laptop is called Tethering. Tethering (Roping) is the term for linking of a computer or other device to a smartphone in order to connect to the Internet via USB, Bluetooth, or Wi-Fi. It is an intimate way to provide Internet access directly to a computer or laptop.

            Suppose you need an internet connection for your computer or laptop for your important works, but you don’t want to use public Wi-Fi because of securitizing reasons? Then what is the solution for this????

            It’s simple!!!  Connect your android smartphone’s internet connection to your PC and the process of the connecting internet with computer is known as tethering.

Here’s how to connect mobile internet to computer using a USB cable:

            First Step:- Before Start Configuration, you should be Enable the internet data connection on your Android smartphone

The first thing you should do is “Data” Option should be Enable in your Android smartphone for internet connectivity and for this you go to your android smartphone “Settings” option.

On the Settings screen, scroll to the Wireless & networks section and turned on the “Cellular Data” option.

            Go to settings -> Wireless & Networks -> Cellular Data,

            For Dual Sim users go to Dual SIM Setting Select Sim1 OR Sim2 for Data Connection.

            Second Step: Connect your Android smartphone to your computer or laptop by using a USB cable

            Note:  If you have original USB cable which you received with your Android smartphone in the time of buying. I will recommend you to use that USB cable for better connecting with your computer or laptop.

            But you also use a good USB cable for connecting your Android smartphone to your computer or laptop.

            Third Step: Once you have plugged the USB Cable from Your Computer or Laptop to Android smartphone, the next step you should do to get back to your android smartphone and open again Settings option. Then go to Wireless & networks and tap the “… More “ option and Tap to open the Tethering & portable hotspot option.

You can see the 3(three) option in Tethering & portable hotspot

1) WLAN Hotspot

2) USB Tethering (by default, it is disabled)

3) Bluetooth Tethering.

            Now turn on the USB Tethering option on your Android smartphone.

            Fourth Step. Wait for a specific time until your computer or laptop installs the required drivers on your computer operating system. A series of drivers may automatically install in computer operating system for the USB tethering to work. That is because your Android smartphone now works as a USB modem and your computer operating system needs the appropriate drivers for working. This process should be shown the first time when your Android smartphone to connect to the internet on your computer or laptop through a USB cable.

Now you will be able to use the data connection from your Android smartphone to your computer or laptop through USB cable.

            Now open your favorite web browser and enjoy browsing the web.

Note:- The best success with this operation is when the computer is running a Windows operating system.

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            Now you know how easy it is to use your Android smartphone to get internet access on any Windows PC, whether it’s a desktop computer or a laptop. Do you find this feature useful? Do you use it often?


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