how to control PC from phone

How to control pc from phone? It’s Easy If You Do It Smart

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Hello friends, I have come once again with new information for you. Today I am going to share with you a very interesting topic that is How to control pc from phone

           Do you know that you can control your laptop without a mouse? If not then these articles help you to control or use your laptop from your Android Smartphone.

           In this digital world, nothing is impossible. There is always new technology that comes with updating features and concepts.

            We always control our laptop with the mouse, but sometimes we feel that Mouse and its wire seem to be much occurred type. So keep your mouse on the side today and learn to control pc with android app.

 How to control pc from phone

 Before preceding the topic what are the things that you will need to follow all these steps? 

 Firstly, you must have Internet Access!

Secondly, you need an Android Smartphone, from which you want to control the laptop.

Thirdly, a Laptop You Have To Control

 I hope you have all these three things with you.

 So, now let’s try to know Step by Step that “how to control your pc from your phone” 

 1. Download Chrome Remote Desktop on Mobile!

  Your first step is to download Chrome Remote Desktop from your mobile from the Google Play Store.

 To download Chrome Remote Desktop simply go to your mobile Play Store and search by typing Chrome Remote Desktop.

Chrome Remote Desktop

You can now download and install the application you see in Screenshot.  

Or you can also download Chrome Remote Desktop using the link given below.

    Download Chrome Remote Desktop In Mobile

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 2. Add the Chrome Remote Desktop Extension to the Chrome Browser

 After installing Chrome Remote Desktop on your Android Smartphone.

Now you need to add Chrome Remote Desktop Extension to your PC’s Chrome Browser.

 Let’s also see how the Chrome Remote Desktop Extension is added to the Chrome Browser.

 How To Add Chrome Remote Desktop Extension In Chrome Browser?

 First, open the Chrome Browser on your PC and then go to the link given in this Chrome Web Store 

Chrome Remote Desktop
control pc with android app.

 Download now and just add Add To Chrome the same way you see in Screenshot. 

Then a new popup will open in front of you! In which you have to click on the Add app.

 After doing that, Chrome Remote Desktop Extension will be added to your Chrome Browser.


How to control pc from phone

 3. Set up Extension in Chrome Browser!

  We have added Chrome Remote Desktop to Chrome Browser. So let’s know the further process for Control PC from Android.

 To set up the Chrome Remote Desktop Extension,

 First, go to the section with Apps in Chrome Browser. click on Chrome Remote Desktop and You will see some options here

How to control pc from phone

 You will see this kind of Screenshot.

To set up this computer to be remotely accessed from another device. To get started, click the download button.

Select Remote Access at the top, Then click the Download button in the Set up remote access box.

Also, asked you Would you like to install Chrome Remote Desktop to this device? With an installed app, you’ll be able to use more keyboard shortcuts and the browser toolbar will take up less space. It is your choice.

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 4. Enable Remote Connection in PC

Now you will see a prompt to choose a name for your PC. Make sure this is descriptive so you don’t confuse it with other machines.

 Next, you will be asked to generate a PIN! So you create a PIN for this device. You must enter this every time you connect to this computer using Chrome Remote Desktop.

  Note: The length of your PIN must be at least (6 Letters)!

 PIN: Enter your PIN in it.

 Re-type PIN: Enter the same PIN again for Confirmation.

 Yes, this is the PIN that will work as a password while connecting your mobile to the laptop.

Then Click on Start.

Now on the Remote Access tab, you’ll see your current computer listed as Online. This means everything is ready and your PC is now ready to connect to your mobile.

 5. Now connect the laptop to your mobile!

  In the last step of “control pc with android app”, you need the same mobile which you have installed Chrome Remote Desktop.

First, connect your PC to your mobile then open the Chrome Remote Desktop on your mobile.

 Note: Keep in mind that both your laptop and mobile should be connected to the Internet!

 After opening the Chrome Remote Desktop on your mobile! Refresh it once for your PC’s Visibility.

 Now you will see that the name of your PC has started showing on your mobile! Just tap on the name of that PC.

 Now you will be asked to enter this PIN! Just enter the PIN you chose while enabling Step of Remote Connection.

how to control pc from phone

 After entering the PIN, tap on the button of CONNECT! And wait for a few seconds.

 By touching the mobile screen, you can move the Mouse Cursor according to yourself and select any files or programs.

Finally, your laptop has been connected to your mobile! Now you can control your laptop the way you want from your mobile.

And If you want stop it then click of “Stop Sharing” option.

how to control pc from phone



 Controlling PC from mobile is more fun because it sounds like an Experiment! 

Hope you have liked the information on how to control pc from phone.

 By the way, if talk about controlling PC from mobile. You will find many such ways on the Internet! But the way I told you today, this is my personal and favorite way!

 Whenever I have to control my laptop from my mobile, I do it through the same that why I shared this method with you too!

 If you have any questions in your mind! Then comment me and if you like this post, share it with others! Thank you.

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