How to make computer faster: The ultimate secret of 2020

How to make computer faster: The ultimate secret of 2020

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           In this digital generation, technical things like computers are the most important thing in our daily lives. So it is very important to know about how to make computer faster.

           Because we always want our technical things to work properly, smoothly, and fast. So it is our responsibility to take full care of our technical things. 

           On the other hand, it is not only related to our personal life but also plays an important role in our day to day work. 

           There is nothing more frustrating if your device is running slow. So, in this post, I will tell you how you can clean the useless memory of your computer or laptop and make it super-fast.

           So before you give up and think about purchasing a new laptop or pc let’s know step by step how to make computer faster.

How to make computer faster


           There are numerous things you can check to make sure your laptop or pc is running as well as possible. Here I will tell you a few ways step by step which can help your laptop function quickly.

1. Clean the unused memory 

           There are many temporary useless files in our computer’s folder which we do not use at all. But it takes up a lot of space in your PC memory. So, all these files must be removed or deleted. 

           But the question is how do I clean up my memory? 

           So follow the easiest way to clean it.

1st Step = open the ‘My Computer’ folder where all your Local Disk appears.

2nd Step = Right now, click on the Local Disk in which your Windows Install is. It is usually installed in Local Disk (C).

3rd Step= After right-clicking, you will get the option below. Click on Properties from them.

4th Step = Here you will see a screen below that shows you how much of your memory is used or is empty.

5th Step = Here you click on the Disk Cleanup button. After which you will see a screen like below which will show green progressing.

6th Step = Now in the ‘Files To Delete’ section of the new window, you mark everything that appears there. Then click on the Ok button.

7th Step= In the next popup you will be asked, “Are You Sure You Want To Permanently Delete These Files?” You can click on Delete Files. After this, it will delete all your unused files in a few moments. 

Now you feel that your PC works faster than before.

2. Disable Startup Apps

When you turn on your Laptop or PC and Windows starts up, you may find that other programs automatically load any programs that are set to run. This causes your PC to work slowly. 

Now the question is, how do you stop a program from starting on startup?

           So follow the steps below to prevent this and make sure that programs don’t start when you start your Laptop or PC.

1st Step= Go to Run first (Window Button + R). After that type “Msconfig” in it. And OK. Here, if you ask for permission from the Administrator, then click on Yes.

2nd Step= Now go to the Startup tab of the open window. If you have the option of Open Task Manger here, click on it.

3rd Step= Now you will be in the Startup tab of the open window and disable all the programs that you do not initially need. And then click on OK.

3. Delete the Temporary Files.

           Temporary files that were used in an installation process can take up a lot of space on your hard disk. So it is important to delete these files from your PC to make your PC faster and smoother.

   Now the question is how to delete Temporary Files from your computer?

 So follow the steps below.

1st Step = Go to Run first (Window Button + R). After this, type “temp” in it.

2nd Step = Now select all the files in the newly opened folder and delete it.

3rd Step = Go to Run again (Window Button + R). After this, type “% temp%” in it.

4th Step = Now select all the files in the newly opened folder and delete it.

5th Step= Go to Run again (Window Button + R). After this, type “prefetch” in it.

6th Step = Now select all the files in the newly opened folder and delete them.

4. Clear your web browser’s cache and cookies

           Make your computer faster by deleting your browser’s cache and cookies which takes up a lot of space on your hard disk.

           Now the question is how to clear the cache and cookies in your web browser.

For this, if you use Google Chrome Browser, follow the steps below.

1st Step= Click on the three lines in the upper right corner of Chrome, click on History or use “Ctrl + H” on the shortcut directly.

2nd Step = Then click on Clear Browsing Data at the top. After checking it as per the requirement, click on the Clear Browsing Data below.

Similarly, you can do the same for the rest of the browser.

5. Install a good antivirus on your computer. 


           Antivirus protects your computer from viruses and Cyber-attacks.

           For this, you must keep a good antivirus installed on your computer.

You can either use the purchased Antivirus or you can also download it for free.

           But for better protection, you should buy it with an activation key.

           So friends, in this the most effective way which can make your computer much faster than before and get rid of its slow speed.

Note: Even after adopting all these methods, if your computer is not fast, then show it to a good technician because it may contain software or hardware problems. 

           Apart from this, if there is any problem in the middle of reading the articles how to make computer faster, then don’t hesitate to ask in the Comment box.

If you want, you can also send your question to our email. I will be happy to help you. Thank you.

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