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How to Save WhatsApp Chat in Google Drive: Complete Guide

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           Did anyone ask you yet, “How can I back up my secret things done in WhatsApp to Gmail Account ?” Or how to save WhatsApp chat in google drive.

Well, this is not an unusual question for you but when a lot of data is going in and out of your mobile device then it may become very essential that to back up your messages and media file to Gmail Account or Google Drive.

Sometimes it is necessary for back up your message and media to Gmail Account or Goggle Drive because if you change or lose your mobile phone then your chats are safe and in case you want to reinstall your WhatsApp then you can easily restore your all data from your backup file.

That’s why today, I tell you the easy way to how to save WhatsApp chat in google drive for that you don’t worry about the secret things done in WhatsApp chat.

           Here, you are keen to know how to backup WhatsApp messages? I will help you step by step tutorial on how to saves all your WhatsApp attachments to your Gmail Account, such as photos, videos, and audio messages, etc.

By following the mention steps here, you can easily back up up to 40,000 chats on export in your Gmail forever.

Before learning the process you should also know about some basic knowledge which can help you to know more information about Whatapp.


What is Whatsapp:

Whatsapp is a free messaging app through which you can be sent messages via text, video and image, documents, user locations, and other media, apart from this, video calls or voice calls can be made anywhere through Whatsapp.

Through this app, you can contact your friends and family members anywhere around the world, for this you will not have to pay any extra money, you just only spend on your mobile internet data.

Whatsapp works on both Android or IOS platforms. Apart from this, it also has a desktop version, through which you can also run it from your computer/ laptop.

Apart from chatting, in this app, you can create Whatsapp Groups in which you can add people to groups according to your choice.

Whatsapp is founded by American citizens Brian Acton and Jan Koum. They created Whatsapp Inc. in 2009. Both have been former employees of Yahoo but in the year 2014 Facebook bought Whatsapp for US$19 billion from them.

In January 2018, WhatsApp released a standalone business app targeted at small business owners, called WhatsApp Business, to allow companies to communicate with customers who have been using the standard WhatsApp client.

Whatsapp is also going to start Whatsapp Payments in India. There are constant changes in the app for which you should keep updating Whatsapp continuously.

For Whatsapp Updates you go to Google Play Store and when you get a notification for updating then you can update it for a better experience.

           Today more than 150 core users worldwide are using WhatsApp as a primary messaging app for different purposes.


1. For official Purposes

           When you use WhatsApp for office work, you need to back up your official data. In case, if your mobile device is lost or stolen, then assume all official data along with the device has also been lost but if you set your device for backup daily basis then all your chats are safe.

2. For Business Purposes

           You could also export your WhatsApp conversations for business documentation purposes so that you can be saved information to improve client relationship management, which can be increased your marketing and sales goals. Also, it helps you to build trust and value with your customers.

3. For Legal Purposes

             Suppose you involved in a legal situation, you might want to present WhatsApp Chats as a piece of evidence or proof of claim.

 4. For Improving Productivity

           With existing backed up files you can improve your productivity and reduces wasted time by preventing repetitions.

5. For the feeling of being safe or protected

            Regular data backups give you mental and emotional calmness, happiness and freedom, and no worries.

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The best solution to WhatsApp chat backup

Let´s get started!

– Open WhatsApp in your Android mobile.

– Tap on the hamburger icon (three horizontal dots) in the app at the top right side.

– Go to the settings option.

– Go to the Chats section below the Account.

WhatsApp Chat Save
WhatsApp Chat Save

– Now tap on the chat history option at the bottom.

WhatsApp chat backup
WhatsApp Chat Save

– Tap on the export chat at the top.

– Tapping will open the entire chat list in front of you.

export whatsapp chat
WhatsApp Chat Save

– Select the contact whose chat history you want to save and export.

– By doing this you will get the option of Without Media and Include Media.

– If you want to save chat with media files, select Include Media.

how to access whatsapp backup on google drive
WhatsApp Chat Save

Now your files initializing so wait a moment

Note: When you choose to attach media files you can export 10000 chat/latest messages and 40000 messages /chats without media files.

– After doing this, WhatsApp will ask you to select an option to share the chat or save Google drive.

– Here you have to select Gmail and enter your email ID in the address.

– This chat will now reach your email inbox in .txt format.

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           I hope you have got all the information about this post. I’m sure that after following this guide, you would be able to teach anyone how to save WhatsApp chat in google drive and back up secret things done in WhatsApp to Gmail Account.

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Important Notice:- WhatsApp will stop working on Android 2.3.7 or older and iOS 8 and older OS from 1 February 2020. In such a situation, if you have a smartphone running on these OS, then exporting and saving your WhatsApp chats is a better option for you.

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