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        When you get a missed call from an unidentified number or received an unknown phone call, you will want to know before receiving the phone call the name of the person who is calling when they call. There is any method that identifies that person who is calling. Therefore, I will teach you how to use the Truecaller app and Trucaller web today so that you will know the name of an unknown phone caller.

           So let’s learn how to know who is calling you with an unknown number? What is the name of the unknown caller?

           I’ll tell you a very simple and effective way to find out an unknown caller identity and you can use this way both from your mobile and computer.


  “Truecaller App and Trucaller web” is a service that provides you a detail of the unidentified caller and information of the owner of an unknown number. If some unidentified person is calling your mobile phone, and that number is not saved in your contact list, but you have installed the Truecaller App on your mobile phone then you can easily know that number’s detail or caller-identification. Also, Truecaller APK helps you to identify unwanted spam callers and telemarketers for which you can block those numbers who is disturbing you.

           Truecaller permits you to search for any mobile number. You just enter a mobile number on the Truecaller App and Trucaller web then it will inform the owner of the SIM/ mobile number and also get other information of the owner of the SIM like location and possibly profile picture of the number.

           There are two options for knowing the owner of any mobile number in the Truecaller App. 

           First, go to the Truecaller website and the second is the use of the Truecaller apps for android. So let’s go to learn one by one.

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How to get information about an unknown mobile number by visiting the Truecaller website.

           Go to a web browser and type Truecaller on the search bar

           You will see a box that says “search a phone number”. 

Truecaller instant search, how to use Truecaller app and Trucaller web
Truecaller website

           Now enter the mobile number in the box as you see in the image above. After entering the number and click on the search option. Now Truecaller will ask you to login/sign in.

Click on the “sign-in” option to log in to Truecaller. After clicking Sign in, Truecaller will give you the option to log in with your Gmail or Microsoft account. I know that you already have a Gmail account. So click on the Gmail account option and log in to Truecaller with your Gmail.

truecaller number search, how to use Truecaller app and Trucaller web
Truecaller Web

           After logging in to Truecaller with your Gmail or MICROSOFT account, Truecaller will let you know the name of the owner’s mobile number.

           The Truecaller will only tell you the SIM owner’s name and possibility also provides the location as you see above. In some cases, you can get the email address of the owner of the mobile number so that if you want to email or communicate with the said number.

            If you installed Truecaller APK is on your mobile phone then there is no fear for an unknown mobile number. Because, when someone calls on your mobile, you will see the caller ID of the said number. In the caller ID, you can see the number and name of the caller. Whether the phone number is saved on your mobile or not, it does not matter when anyone calls you, you can see their name at that time but for that, you need to on your mobile data.

How to get the information of an unknown mobile number or name of the SIM owner with the Truecaller App on your Android mobile.

           For that, you download Truecaller app from the Google Play Store.

           After installed Truecaller App is on your mobile phone enter your mobile number in the box as you see in the image below and touch the continue option.

how to find details of unknown numbers using truecaller
Truecaller APP

   Now, you will get an SMS confirmation code or call from Truecaller APP which calls you don’t need to receive after entering the said code or call was rung your mobile you should create your Truecaller profile. For that you will get 3(three) options i.e Google, Facebook and Type Name Manually.

Truecaller app for Android

  You can choose which is easy for you. After that, your Truecaller profile is created.

           Now, you will know the name of the person who is calling when they call, even if the caller is not saving in your contact list. If you do not want any more phone calls from any particular phone numbers then you can block that number by using the block number function in the Truecaller App. After blocking the number no more calls will be coming from that blocked mobile number on your mobile.

            I hope you have got all the information about this post. If you want to get the latest update of our website, subscribe to our webtechvilla Website. Thanks for reading our post, have a nice day.

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