Internet Speed Meter on Taskbar Windows

Internet Speed Meter on Taskbar Windows: A Step-by-Step Tutorial

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Sometimes you will be facing the problems of the internet stops working or the speed drop of the internet very low. Then you think how do I check my internet speed in a bandwidth meter where I can see the internet speed meter on taskbar windows with the current network speed on my Windows PC.

 Most of the people have this type of question in their mind which are mentioned below-

  • How do I test my wifi speed?
  • What is a good wifi speed?
  • How much internet speed do I need?
  • Why is my download speed so slow? 
  • How to check the internet speed in windows 10?
  • How do I show Internet speed meter on taskbar windows?
  • How can I check Internet speed on my laptop?
  • How do I get a speed meter on Windows 10?

And if you have the same type of question in your mind then these article helps you to monitor the speedtest of the network which you are using on your PC.

If you want to know how to show internet strength in the toolbar then the article helps you to do so.

So if you are looking for a way how to monitor home network traffic and monitor network connection speed Check on the Taskbar, you have come to the right place.

Today I will help you to monitor your net speed on the Windows PC if you are running Windows 10 because Windows 10 does not have a widget to see internet stability.

So, what are you waiting for, let’s get started.

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Internet Speed ​​Meter for PC

To view netspeed activity on the Taskbar, you’ll have to use a software known as Net Speed Monitor.

The software was mainly designed for Windows Vista, XP, and 7. However, it doesn’t mean that it wouldn’t work on Windows 10.

Every problem has a solution. To show network traffic on windows 10 you must run the installer in compatibility mode. But don’t worry I will be showing you how to get that done step by step.

So, don’t skip the article, once you just read the full article you will get your answer.

In the first step, you visit one of the links below mention for downloading the software and then hit the download now button.

Downloadsite :

Net speed monitor softpedia

NetSpeedMonitor Filehippo

Net speed monitor for windows 10 64-bit cnet 

Once you hit that button you will see two options and that does x86 or x64. You can choose the x86 if you are under 32 bit Windows 10 or 64.

If you are in the 64 Bit then download the net speed monitor for win 10 64 bit and once you’ve chosen the desire option then just save the file on your computer.

Now go to the folder where the downloaded file have. If you are running  software for checking windows 7 view network speed then it works normally but if you have Windows 10 operating system then installation should not start normally. It will show an error that the operating system not supported.

Display Internet Speed Meter on Taskbar Windows

Don’t worry, follow the users guide to netspeedmonitor for  showing windows 10 taskbar meters. 

You’ll have to open it under Properties then click on the compatibility tab.

How do I show Internet speed meter on taskbar windows?

Here check the box that says ‘Run this program in compatibility mode for’ and in the drop-down menu just choose one of the ‘Previous version of Windows’. and once that’s done Click Ok to save the changes.

Now that everything is in place only need to do is run the setup file and then follow the on-screen instructions to complete the setup.

Now when you want to see the network speed monitor directly on your task but you’ll have to enable the program first and to do that right-click anywhere on the Taskbar and hit the toolbar option.

internet data speed meter for pc

Here select Netspeed monitor and as soon as you enable it you’ll see the upload and download internet speed meter on taskbar windows.

If NetSpeedMonitor not working and the network icon not showing in the taskbar windows 10

However just in case if the meter starts at 0.00Kbit/s right click on the meter and then select configuration.

Here in the window that opens up on the network interface to a different one and click on ok.

So let’s say fits on wire connection and you are using Wi-Fi, select that and save your settings and hopefully, the meter will start working. If still not working repeat the process with another interface to find the one that works.

NetSpeedMonitor Tips and Tricks

Now once everything is set up lets us tell you some hidden tricks about using them to make the best use of the tool.

By default, the tool displayed speed in kilobytes that is Kbit/s. It might look a little exaggerated for normal usage if you are using a very high-speed internet connection.

So to make the speed readable all you need to do is right-click on the net speed monitor icon and again select configuration. Select the speed unit from the dropdown box available next to Bitrate.

The fun fact about this tool is the Internet and download speed are two different things. Internet speed monitoring software usage monitor is usually measured in megabits/second (Mbit / s) and download speed in megabytes / second (MB / s).

Here choose the unit from the drop-down menu.

Now moving on and talking about yet another feature the net speed monitor not only shows you the current internet speed or View Data Usage, but it can also track your previous data uses for this, and for that, you again right click on the internet speed icon on the taskbar and then hit the Data traffic. 

Now you will be able to see the amount of data if consumed on your PC after this particular tool was installed. 

Now the next thing and I think one of the best things that you can do is customize the tool font because you want to like the match with the system theme right.

If you like tampering with fonts, the good-old app lets you customize the font style and size.

So if you’re into it go for the configuration tab again and hereunder layout you will be able to change the fonts. It can be very subtle and at the same time keep the desired information.

Besides, you to choose whatever you want to do with this particular app. So well that’s about it with the help of the software, you can keep an eye on the network speed and even the amount of data use.

So while some may dislike the idea of having a constant speed meter on the Taskbar because you know what it can make you anxious at times. But if you ask me it’s very helpful and I seriously wish that Microsoft introduces something like this shortly as most of the Android phones already have these days.

So well guys if you like the article then please share the article and subscribe to your email to getting our latest update. Thanks for spending your valuable time to read the articles and have a wonderful day.

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