Real Ways to Make Money from Home

Real Ways to Make Money from Home

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Do you want to earn money online? If yes, then you make money with your Android mobile. You might make a minimum amount of 10 to 20 thousand or above per month. Today technology is going to be so fast and advanced that anyone making money by using smartphones. Now it is become a fashion to earn money through the internet by using Android mobile. There are many ways to make online income on mobile but some are real or some are fake. So, I will discuss 3 real ways to make money from home that will give you the opportunity to income.

Creative ways to make money

           Let me tell you something before I will start this article. Many people today make unlimited income through online and you can easily do that yourself.

   But, one thing to keep in mind that there is no shortcut thing in life without hard and smart work. You also have to work hard to make money from online at home. And you have a dedicated workspace and right discipline to stick to a plan then it works for you.

           I will tell you the Real Ways to Make Money from Home below. They are all trusted and many people are using them for income. But how much money you will be earned by using the ways depends on your smart hard work.

           Let’s go without wasting time that people are earning thousands and millions of rupees every month by using the ways.

  Real Ways to Make Money from Home (Online Earning)

1. Make Money from blogging and websites

           You can earn a good amount of money by creating a blog or website from your mobile.  You can go to Google’s website and create a free blog or website. When your blog or website starts getting visitors or traffic, you can start earning money from it.

           You may be thinking that it is very difficult or challenging to make income by creating a blog from mobile. But, not at all. It only takes 10 minutes to create your blog from mobile. And, after that, you can bring visitors or traffic to your blog by writing good articles on your blog. You can also share it through social media to get more visitors.

           When visitors start hoping for a blog, you can start earning money by registering your blog with Google Adsense. Google Adsense is a service of Google. It offers text, link, video, and image advertisements on our own blog or website in return for online income.

           Today, you can’t even imagine how much money-making through online by using these two services “Blog and Google Adsense” . If you want an income from these two services then you do not need a computer or laptop.

           You can create a blog on your smartphone and write good articles in it and earn income through Google Adsense.

2. Online income by creating a YouTube channel

           Many people like the idea of ​​making money online by creating a YouTube channel from mobile like blogging. Today, many people are earning money on YouTube by creating a channel, a service from Google.

           To create a YouTube channel, go to the YouTube website. You will need a Gmail account ID and password to login to YouTube. After logging in to YouTube with your Gmail account, create a free channel on YouTube. Then upload the original video content which is made by you on it.     

           If you upload someone else’s video to your channel, it will be treated as a copyrighted video. Otherwise, you will not earn income from the video copied by others.

           So, the video that you upload to your channel is completely original and made by you.

            Now the question must be coming to your mind is what kind of videos can you upload to YouTube? Isn’t it?

           You can upload any kind of videos on your YouTube channel. For example- tutorial videos, comedy videos, stories, mobile reviews, your personnel hobby, or anything.

           The only things keep in mind, “Make whatever you want” but there is no copied part of any other video.

           By the way, if you upload the original self-made video to YouTube, you can start earning money very quickly.

           Now you have created a channel on YouTube and uploaded videos. But, how to earn the money? How to make money from uploaded videos? Is that what you are thinking now? Isn’t it?

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           How to make money from YouTube?

           While your uploaded video viewed online by thousands of people then you get the opportunity to make money.  YouTube has an option called “monetization”. When you apply and enable this monetization option, some advertisements from Google Adsense will be shown in your videos.

           And, when people see those advertisements before watching your video, you will earn money. This is the way to make online income from YouTube.

           When you uploading 50 videos on Your Youtube Channel and each of your videos has 20 views daily.

You will get 50 * 20 = 1000 total video views daily.

           And, if your videos are viewed 1000 times daily, at least you get $ 0.1 per ad view, then 0.1 * 1000 = $ 100.

If one dollar = 75 rupees, then 100 dollars * 75 = 7,500 rupees.

           Today, many people are earning more money from YouTube every day. You can do all this only from your mobile if you do not have a computer or laptop.

           But, remember this, nothing happens in one day. So you have to work hard and work with interest and then you will be successful in your YouTube business.

3. Sell ​​old things on OLX and QUIKR

           If you are looking for a way to make extra income then websites like OLX and Quikr can help you.

           OLX or Quikr is actually a website where you can sell any product. Whatever it is car, bike, mobile, TV, computer, laptop, or anything. You can earn money by selling old things of your by visiting these two websites.

           If you have some old things in your house you will sell them on it. You can also buy old things from others at a lower price and sell them at there higher price.

           And, you can do these from your own mobile.

            Both websites require you to sign-up for a free account. After you have signed-up and upload a photo of what you want to sell into the OLX or Quikr website. Write about the description of the thing you want to sell with the expected price and mention area.

           Then wait for some time you’ll be surprised to see people expressing their interests to buy your product. So, while anyone buying your product then you get your amount price.

           So friends, these 3 Real Ways to Make Money from home. It will give you the opportunity to make money online. If you know other techniques to make money through other options, then please share it with us as a comment. I would love to hear your thoughts and questions. Please leave a comment below. Thanks.

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