Sticky Notes in Windows 10

How to Use Sticky Notes on Windows 10

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How to Use Sticky Notes Windows 10 Computer

    When you are searching for some important data on the computer and need to note down those data immediately. And you will also need to write essential notes working at the office. Therefore you will open the file of Notepad/ MS word to writing your notes. But today I am going to teach you about a special feature of Windows 10. That will be very useful to you – that is how to using of Sticky Notes in Windows 10

  What is Sticky Note?

 Sticky Notes is a small text editor like notepad. The most important thing about a sticky note is that it does not need to be saved; you type any information on this sticky note it stays on the computer/ laptop screen. It is already installed in your computer system so that you don’t need to install Sticky Notes Software separately. You can create and place virtual notes on your computer screen to remind you of things you need to do or remember. And Windows 10 offers us now a couple of enhancements from previous versions of Windows.

Why Sticky Note is to be Used?

    Suppose, you have to do some work or call someone but you forget to do so, then you can write it in sticky notes and keep it on your desktop/ laptops. It is saved in the primary memory of the computer, so as long as your computer is on, it will remain in front of your eyes i.e. at your windows screen.

     You will also shut down your computer and whenever you open your computer. It will automatically appear on your computer screen and whatever you have written in it will be found exactly where you left it. So you will not need to remember in which drive saved your sticky notes. 

         Also if you copy anything from websites and put it on a sticky note, then it will be easily copied on it. You will not have to change any font. You can change color, write bullet or number, and use of different types of alignment in Sticky notes. For example, to make the size of sticky notes smaller or larger. You can make it smaller or bigger or open another file, you just click on the plus (+) sign appear on the sticky notes and you can change the background color of sticky notes click on the menu (…) inside the sticky notes and select your favorite color.

What is Sticky Note?
Sticky Notes

Use Sticky Notes Windows 10, if you are a computer user it is very essential things for you to know.

How to Open Sticky Notes? 

You can launch Sticky Notes in several ways. 

In Windows 10, click on the Start button, scroll down the All Apps list and click on the entry for Sticky Notes. 

Just type the phrase “Sticky Notes” 

On the Other hand, go to the search bar of Windows 10 and type search bar STI. You will see the icon of Sticky Note and then click on Sticky Notes.

Or you can right-click on the Windows taskbar and select the option to “Show Windows Ink Workspace button.”

A stylus icon will appear in the system tray and click on Sticky Notes option.

           When you open Sticky Notes, you will see a yellow Sticky Note pop up on your computer’s screen ready for you to write something. But there are also available different color options of sticky notes you can use i.e. Green, Pink, Purple, Blue, Grey, Charcoal. 

        You can make many sticky notes at once, for that you just have to press Control N (Ctrl + N) and a new sticky note will be opened 

Also, you click on the plus (+) sign in the upper-left corner and a new sticky note appears to the right side of the first one.

         However, If you want to close the sticky note, then you have to press W with the control (Ctrl + W)

          And If you want to check each note you write in Sticky Notes, then you have to press the Tab key with the Control and Shift Key (Ctrl+ Shift + Tab).

    You can move any sticky notes around the screen by dragging and dropping it at the topmost portion, which has a darker colour than the rest of the note.

    Also, you can cut, copy, paste, undo, and select all text in your note by right-clicking in it.

    Use the alignment of below noted shortcut keys in the Sticky Notes:-

New sticky notes = Ctrl + N

Delete sticky notes = Ctrl + D

Align text to the Left =Ctrl + L

Center text =Ctrl + E

Align text to the Right =Ctrl + R

Bold = Ctrl + B

Italic =Ctrl + I

Underline =Ctrl + U

increase the text Size = Ctrl + shift + >

decrease the text Size = Ctrl + shift + <

Select All = Ctrl + A

Cut = Ctrl + X

Copy =Ctrl + C

Paste = Ctrl + V

Undo = Ctrl + Z

Bullet List (●, ●, ●) = Ctrl + Shift + L

 So Friends, Thank you for the full reading of “How to Use Sticky Notes on Windows 10 article. If you like this information, then please comment in the comment box and help others by sharing it on social media. Thank you and now just experience it.

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