Uses of USB Flash Drive

USB Flash Drive means and best uses of USB Flash Drive

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A USB flash drive means is an ultra-portable storage device which also known as a USB stick, USB thumb drive. It is frequently the size of a human thumb and connecting it to a computer through a USB port. It helps you to store and transfer information between one hard drive or computer to another computer. Without having a shared network it is the best way to transfer data, document, or email to another device. You can move your files or backing up the entire system from one computer to another quickly and easily. USB Flash drives are typically removable, rewritable, smaller and have plastic or aluminum casings around the memory chip. 

USB Flash Drive means


           Before the popularity of flash drives, most people used recordable CDs and DVDs to store and backup data. Flash drives are used to move data from one hard drive or computer to another computer. USB flash drives are an unlimited and easy way to back up your important files. For example, you can copy all your pictures, documents, music, or other files into a pen drive. If in case something happens or damages your computer then storing the data always save in the pen drive.

What are the uses of USB Flash Drive?

           As a computer user, you are using a pen drive to move or back up your files to Computer/laptop. But do you know that you can other good things do with a USB Flash Drive.  You can use it for sharing and transporting files from one device to another.

           You can use a USB flash drive to quickly connect to the wireless network on your PC. It can be increasing your computer’s performance. You can run a web server directly from a USB flash drive. Save some time and money without buying extra gadgets.

            There are many amazing ways of using a USB flash drive. Below I am going to discuss 10 the best uses of USB flash drive.

How does a flash drive work.

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           If you want to lock and unlock your computer or laptop by turning your USB flash drive into a key. No one can access and open your device unless they have your flash drive then you can do it.

           You can do it with the free PREDATOR tool. PREDATOR turns a USB flash drive or USB Stick as a key to your computer which access control the device. It protects your computer by locking and unlocking it. When you unplug the USB flash drive from your PC then your computer will be locked. And while plug it back in your computer will be unlocked.

           Simply understanding this is like using the lock task in Windows. But you will not need to type your password when you plug it back. Your computer will only work when the USB Flash drive is plugged in the Computer USB Port. When pull it out then the windows display goes dark and Plug it back in to get back to work.

 2) Run portable apps

           Usually, software Installation or setup of a program is the act of making the program ready for the performance. But with portable apps, you can run software at any suitable device. This is the best thing about portable apps that require no installation.  You can run these with a flash drive. Easily copy the portable apps and games to a USB flash drive and run it any suitable device.  This is typically a 32-bit or 64-bit PC.  This is a useful solution for you to keep the selection of apps you want to use on any Computer. Also, you can use it in a library or even a cybercafé.

 3) Increase performance with ReadyBoost

            If your computer has a slow hard disk drive then ReadyBoost can help you to speed things up. It manages your applications better and gives you a quicker experience. When you connect a USB drive to your computer and enable ReadyBoost, it acts as a hard drive cache. 

            To enable ReadyBoost, right-click the USB flash drive in Windows Explorer.

Then choose Properties and use the options on the ReadyBoost tab.

  If your USB flash drive is fast enough then only then Windows will allow you to enable ReadyBoost.

           But remember that always, ReadyBoost also requires a flash drive with at least 256 MB of free space


4) Create a backup with Win32 Disk Imager

          Flash Drive use to back up the contents with an easy way to do this is with Win32 Disk Imager.

           Although Win32 Disk Imager is commonly used to write a bootable disk image to a flash drive. It can also create images.  For that

Just insert the USB stick or USB Flash Drive

Choose a destination and name for the image File then install

Run this tool and Click Read to clone the disc content.

           When you need to restore a disk image, just browse the image and click Write.

5) Store important travel documents

            If you travel a lot you might lose documents such as Visas, booking confirmations, even passports can easily disappear.  If there is a mistake from the luggage operators then packing the paper in the wrong bag can cause problems.

           One solution is to save all travel documents to a compact USB flash drive and take it with you. You should include scanning passport of your in the Flash Drive. So that, if you need to check the background to provide them immigration with information about lost passports.

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6) Install almost any operating system

           The bootable USB disk image of the operating system can be used to install a new OS on your PC.

            For example, Windows 10 users can create bootable USB installer disks by using dedicated tools.  In the event of a problem with the operating system, it can be used to recover or restore Windows.

7) Stay safe online with Tails Live operating system

            Alternatively, if you are looking for an OS that you can run via USB to keep your online activity private. The solution is Tails, which can preserve your privacy and anonymity.

Tails defends your individuality by way of using state-of-the-art cryptographic tools that encrypt your files as well as emails and instant messages.

           Tails work through the Tor anonymity network. Tor is free and open-network software that helps defend against traffic analysis. This a kind of network surveillance that infringes upon personal freedom and privacy. This helps increase your online privacy and security but make sure to use a secure password!


8) Emergency security kit.

           Sometimes your system might get corrupted due to malicious software from the Internet or other devices. You can use it by installing applications such as antivirus tools, spyware scanners, and disk wipers. So, it may quickly and easily clean up your computer when your computer has been compromised by a virus. But make sure they are all current versions.

9) External storage for Android smartphone or tablet

           Benefits of a flash drive are like that if you need more space on your Android smartphone or tablet. So that your phone is not hanging. And also wants to play music, view videos, etc. from another device you can use Drive as External storage. You can use USB Flash Drive as external storage for your Android Smartphone with the help of OTG cable. However, some devices don’t have USB OTG drivers and required apps to lets you mount external drives.

10) Automatically sync your documents.

           You can automatically sync your files between your computer and flash drive as conveniently. As you do with Google Drive and Dropbox. You can do it through tools such as SyncBack and GoodSync2Go.

           So friends, hope you have learned USB flash drive means and figured out the best use of USB flash device. I would love to hear your thoughts and questions. Please leave a comment below. Thank you for reading.

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