What is computer virus


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What is Computer Virus? 

           Hello friends how are you? Today I would like to talk about a very interesting topic that is a computer virus. In these articles I give you information about what is virus and how does it work and how can you able to save your computer from the virus attract. So let’s know what is a computer virus?

            People who are using the computer in daily life they know the name of the virus. a computer virus is very harmful to computer and electronics gadget because if it enters in the computer system once, then slow down the speed of the computer operating system and also it can destroy files and program of the Commuter or corrupt the system.

           Computer virus has weakened gradually your computer system like disease and if you do not treat it properly then it creates major problems and in some cases, this virus also spoils your system. So, it is important to have good knowledge about the computer virus so that you can save the Computer from it. Therefore, it is good for all computer users to have information about the virus.

History of Computer virus:


           Robert Thomas was the first engineer who developed a computer virus while he was working at BBN Technologies in 1971.

           The First name of the Virus was Creeper. It had been an experimental program to infect the mainframes of ARPANET. After infecting the system, it displayed the below mention subsequent message of the pc screen

                   “Increased the creeper: Catch me if you can.”

           The original wild computer virus was tracked “Elk Cloner” Which was developed by Richard Skrenta in 1982. This Elk Cloner had previously infected Apple II operating systems through floppy disks. 

Fred Cohen was the first person who names these Malicious Programs as “Computer Virus” in 1983. This name came to light when he named these programs in a tutorial paper titled “Computer Viruses – Theory and Experiments”. Fred Cohen wrote full information about these malicious programs like how it works, what it can do etc.

Computer Virus

           Computer Virus is a small software program that is designed to harm the setup of a computer system. It is a type of malicious code or program designed for spreading from one computer to another computer. A computer is made up of many software programs so that it works properly and some programs are made to provide viruses to cause unexpected or damaging effects, such as harming the system software by corrupting or destroying data in the computer system. It also spoils computers through e-mail attachments.

           The computer virus has also been made by humans to harm the computer. The virus can corrupt any files and software in your computer without showing major signs or symptoms. Suppose there is a word document in your system in which the virus has come, then it will delete the data of your document or corrupt the document for which you will not get any information from it or this virus can completely corrupt your word processing software. In such a situation, if you copy or share a corrupted file, then this virus goes to another computer and also spoils that system.

What does a computer virus do?

           The computer software program can be corrupted by computer viruses and permanently delete data of hard disk forever of the Computer. A virus goes to another computer through email and reaches another system and slows down the speed of the computer due to which system of the computer starting to hang a lot. Once the virus infects your computer, the virus can infect other computers on the same network or virus can do some of the devastating and irritating things 

Malware and its type:

           The full name of the malware is malicious software. This is also a type of software program that can cause computer damage. This means bad software which is absolutely bad, and once it is in the system, it can spoil the whole system.

           Due to this, it starts to remove the data of the computer system slowly. Most of the malware comes into the computer through the internet. For example, if you accidentally click on the malicious website and enter the page which is already affected by it then malware also comes in the computer. Also if you download any pirated software, games or movies, songs, etc. of a malicious website then viruses also come online in your computer system.

           This was about how online malware gets into the computer, now know how offline malware gets into the computer. When you copy any data from the computer through a pen drive, CD or DVD, etc which is infected by malware then this malware also comes into your computer and they can damage your data.

Three types of malware: 

  • Virus,
  • Worms and
  • Trojan horse

           Out of this, I have already given information about the virus in the above, now talks about Worms and Trojan Horse.


           Worms are also a form of a virus. But they multiply themselves to spread themselves as much as possible. If worms have come on the computer they start copying many worms’ files in the computer system, therefore, computer program starts working very slow and if you copy the same files and put them in another system, then these worms also make many copies there and start slowing that system as well.

Trojan Horse

           This is also a type of malware that comes into the system by hiding its identity.

Suppose you have opened a site and an add came there, while accidentally or consciously click on that add it enter your computer from the same and you do not even know the news of it and your computer or system gets spoiled.

           It is also available on the INTERNET in the form of many pirated software which you are trying to download by clicking then it enters into the computer secretly and starts slowing down the computer.

How to know if a computer has a virus


           How will you know whether your computer has infected by a virus or not? I give some basic tips below by which you can know the computer virus is infected or not:

1. Firstly slowing down your computer’s performance.

2. Numerous pop-up on the computer screen

3. Start any software program is automatically running

4. Automatically copy of any files. 

5. Automatically install any new file or program 

6. Automatically corrupt files, folders or program

           If this kind of problem started coming from your computer then you can sure that the computer virus has been infected by your system. 

How to protect against computer viruses or malware? 


           Now discuss some tips that you will avoid these viruses from infected your computer.

1. To avoid virus you have to first install a good antivirus and keep updating it with the latest virus definitions from time to time.

  1. Do not open any mail that you do not know about that sender because the virus comes to a computer through its attachment. So, never open any email attachment which is you do not recognize 
  2. Avoid downloading anything from Unauthorized Websites such as MP3, Movies, Software, etc.
  3. If you download from somewhere, then scan it and use it only because they are more likely to have a virus.
  4. Do not use removable media such as a pen drive or memory card in your computer without scanning it. 
  5.  If you visit a site then it should be noted that the site is an authorized, popular and registered website and does not click on any such link which will cause you trouble later.
  6. Do not try to open any unsolicited executable files, documents, spreadsheets, without proper scanning. And also do not download any documents or executable software from untrusted websites.
  7. Avoid clicking on any pop-up advertisements
  8. While you see Ads that give you greed, click here and win the lottery, then never click on such pairs. so you should never open that mail as there are more chances of malware in it.

            I hope you have got a lot of information in this post. What is a computer virus?  If you have any more suggestions, then tell me by commenting or emailing it to me. So that I can bring you more good posts.

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