What is Cloud Computing

What is Cloud Computing ? Do You Really Need It? This Will Help You Decide!

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 “What is Cloud Computing ?” If you have a curiosity about technology then these articles help you to more knowledge about cloud computing.

With the rise and popularity of cloud computing in the technology field, you have many questions and search on the internet such as-

• What do you mean by cloud computing?

• What is cloud computing used for?

• How do you explain the cloud?

• What is cloud computing? Explain

• What is cloud computing in simple terms?

• What does cloud computing mean?

• What is cloud computing with an example?

• What is cloud computing and its types?

• What is cloud computing and its characteristics? etc etc.

In today’s article, I will try to give you completely precise information on this subject.

“Cloud computing technology” has proven to be very profitable for people among modern computing technologies. Now it has become a “multi-billion dollar business.”

 Nowadays Every company is using advanced computing technology. With a “cloud computing network”, data can be exchanged between “server” and “client” much faster for which users can use the services very quickly. That is why the current cloud computing technology, its service demand, and its use is huge.

Global Industry Analyst said that this global cloud computing service market will become a business of up to $ 327 billion in 2020. All companies are using these services directly or indirectly.

In today’s time, the amount of computer and mobile users is continuously increasing. Due to which data storage is being given priority in all types of business whether small or big spend money for it.

Apart from this, it also requires IT support and a storage hub. Because of which all types of businesses are not able to spend so much money on IT infrastructure and support. So in this place, cloud computing is a low-priced and very good option for all types of business.

With this technology, big businesses started doing all their work very easily so big businesses are getting attracted to these cloud services.

Data can be protected more efficiently due to the easy computation of this cloud service.

Nowadays, there is a lot of competition in the world and people need service on the Internet without any delay 24/7. If an application ever freezes then there is a lot of dissatisfaction among the people. So, fulfill this requirement cannot emphasize on old mainframe computing, so people used Cloud distributed computing technology to solve this problem.

What is Clouding?

The word “cloud” is used here only as a metaphor for the “internet”. When you process or manage your data and other programs on a local hard drive or personal computer then it can be called “local computing”.

And Cloud is the design of large interconnected networks of servers that have been designed to deliver computer resources. There is no concept of the precise location where data is coming from and where it is going.

If I say in easy language, if a user uses it then he will feel that he is using huge formless computing power and the user can do everything according to his need from his email.

Cloud Computing may be a collection of licensed service that’s provided by different vendors. Cloud service replaces them with different products in place of technology management and technology acquisition. These products are managed from elsewhere and they are active only when it is needed.

What is cloud computing?

In simple language, cloud computing means storing and access the data on cloud-based storage instead of a local storage device like a computer hard drive. Also if someone provides a service like that through the Internet is called Cloud Computing.

These services include computing resources like networking, data storage, servers, databases, and software. When you store data in local computer storage then you can access it only from your computer. Rather, in these service you can use data and resources from anywhere.

Companies providing cloud services for storing the user’s files and applications on a remote server. Users can access those resources through the internet.

Facilities like infrastructure, platform, application, and space for storing are available in these services. Users use these services according to their needs and pay the money for the services they use. For this, they do not need to build their infrastructure.

Overall cloud computing is a great option for the modern era. It is such a style of computing that hugely accessible and flexible IT-related capabilities. It is providing service with the help of Internet Technologies.

In other words, cloud computing means not accessing the data from your LAN computer’s Hard Drive and accessing it from a storage server on the cloud.

What is Cloud Computing Definition?

Cloud computing may be a modern technology where any file, data, database, programs, etc. can be stored. Your data or files are stored on remote servers on the Internet, as opposed to being stored on a local server or hard drive.

You can access your data and files from anywhere because your data and files are within the remote server network of the web .

However, in the definition of cloud computing, I can say,

“Cloud computing means storing your files in a place that is not your local hard drive, your data is stored in the server. This server can provide your data to you anytime so that you can manage the process and access them through the Internet.”           

What is cloud computing with an example?

There are many examples of these services. I mentioned here just a few examples to help you to understand.

  1. Google Drive, Dropbox, Gmail, etc. are good examples of Cloud computing. They provide us unlimited storage and can access or manage it through the internet. With cloud services like Google Docs, Microsoft Office, etc. you can host your word documents, presentations, spreadsheets on their data servers. Moreover, you can edit and create documents from the cloud server.
  1. YouTube is a great example of cloud storage that hosts video files of millions of users. Picasa and Flickr which hosts digital photographs of millions of users on their server.
  1. Facebook is also a great example of cloud computing. Facebook has 757 million active users and which sees about 2 million photos daily, around 3 billion photos are uploaded every month, 1 million websites use Facebook to do 50 million operations per second. In this case, the traditional computing system cannot solve these problems. 
  2. Salesforce, Hubspot, and Adobe marketing cloud are also examples of Cloud computing They are used in the field of business, which includes managing business resources and providing security to them.
  3. Messenger application is also an example of cloud computing. Messages sent and received by us are stored in the cloud space by the service provider.
  4. Cloud computing is also well used in the field of education. Nowadays most of the students are very loving of E-learning. So software like Byju’s helps you to access teaching resources online.
  1. Governments also use cloud computing. They provide e-Governance services to the citizens using cloud-based IT services.

 Now deeply understand above mention of one example of Cloud Computing

 As we all know, Google has a popular cloud storage service called “Google Drive”. Google Drive is a cloud storage service that allows us to store our files, data, and programs on Google’s cloud server. 

Now, to use Google Drive, you need a device like “computer / mobile”, “web browser” and “Internet”. 

Using google drive’s website or application from your computer/mobile, you can upload various data (images, documents, videos, etc.) to Google drive. In this way, your data will be stored in the remote hard server of google instead of the physical hard disk of the computer. 

 Also, if your computer’s physical hard disk is damaged, there is no fear because you put all your files on the remote server of the internet by using the service of google drive.

Also using any computer or mobile via the Internet you can download or use your files again                

 Currently, 85% of online websites are managing and processing website files and data through cloud computing. Because, their websites work much faster through cloud storage, also the data and files of the website are more secure.

 Apart from these, there are many additional cloud computing services that can be used to host your online applications on the cloud server like as “Amazon CloudFront”, “Google cloud”, “Alibaba cloud”, “Digitalocean”, etc.,

BaseZap is one of the most popular cloud computing and networking startups that is known for its precision and security systems for their Customer. It provides free features and tools which include Daily Backups & Maintenance, Litespeed, and numerous such efficient tools for their entire customer.

Hopefully, by now you must have understood the basic concept of “what is cloud computing” or “what is cloud computing”?

Features of Cloud Computing

Some of the following features of cloud computing is as follows:

1) Resources Availability:

 Cloud computing is designed for many customers. Customers can change physical and virtual resources according to their demand. 

2) On-Demand Self Service: 

Users can use computing resources as per their requirements.  Suppose for a user needs instance resources – storage space, virtual machine, database, etc. then he can use them without requesting a service provider. 

3. Easy Maintenance and Low Downtime: 

Server maintenance is very easy. Server downtime is also very less. The reason for this is the frequent updating of cloud computing.

4. Pay as your need: 

The user only pays the time he has used the resource, no extra charge is taken.Computer resources are measured at a granular level. So that users only have to pay for the resources and workloads they use.

5. Migration Flexibility: 

The organization can transfer workloads from one cloud platform to another according to their requirement without any hassle and automatically which saves money as well.

What are the benefits of cloud computing?

Cloud Computing has changed the entire computing industry. Cloud Computing has changed the attitude of companies and businesses. It has now become the first choice of all because if someone does business properly with complete planning, strategy, and budget, then he will surely get success. 

 It has completely changed the look of businesses and the IT infrastructure as well. It provides a lot of benefits for hardware and software, which seemed impossible only a few years ago. Now a virtual machine needs just a few minutes to run. 

And scientists are doing more and more researches to make it better.

Due to the low cost of these services many business organizations use cloud computing services.

Cloud Computing has the following benefits:

  1. Using cloud services means that companies do not have to buy or maintain their computing infrastructure.
  2. Does not have to worry about updating the application or operating system or disposing of the hardware or software.
  3. A company that specializes in running and securing these services is likely to have better skills and more experienced staff than a small business, so cloud services may be able to provide more secure and efficient service to end-users.
  4. Using cloud services means that companies can move quickly on projects and test concepts without lengthy purchases and large upfront costs, as firms pay only the resources they consume. 
  5. You can access and manage data, apps, or files from anywhere through the internet. Files can be worked by opening at any location. Files can be shared in many places simultaneously.
  6. The biggest advantage here is that any size file can be shared online, there is no File Size Limit, as you would know that the file attachment is not valid more than 10 MB while emailing.
  7. Compatibility between cloud computing systems and computer operating systems
  8. You do not have to create expensive hardware, utilities, or data center for your online business.
  9. You can increase or decrease the storage and virtual requirements as per your need.
  10. It is very easy to migrate from one cloud platform to another cloud platform.

History of cloud computing

 If we talk about the idea of ​​cloud computing it started in 1960 by Joseph Carl Robnett Licklider. When the computing industry assumed computing as a service income utility based on its potential benefits. 

 But earlier computing, connectivity, and bandwidth were both lacking due to which it was not possible to implement computing according to a utility. 

 This was not possible until the availability of Internet bandwidth was achieved on a large scale by 1990. After which it was possible to think of computing as a service.

In 1990, Salesforce successfully implemented commercially enterprise SaaS for the first time. 

After which AWS did in 2002, which provided many services like online storage, machine learning, and computation. 

Today there are many small mega providers like Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform which together with AWS are providing cloud-based service to other individuals, small businesses, and global enterprise.

Use of Cloud Computing

Apart from using cloud computing from small start-ups to global corporations, from government agencies to non-profit organizations, we are using Cloud Computing for some reason. Some of the major uses are explained in detail below.

  1. It is widely used in file storage. Common users use cloud computing to store, manage, and share their files in a remotely hosted system. Google Drive or Dropbox is a good example of t.
  2. Cloud storage is used to back up various types of online applications. Even today many businesses and organizations take the backup of their data manually in a storage device while it is not very effective. In the cloud-based backup, you can easily backup your data. Recovering data in this way is also easy.
  3. More cloud hosting services are used to create websites and web applications. For those website owners who want to avoid the hassle of hosting and maintaining a website, cloud-based web hosting is a great option. Cloud hosting provider apart from hosting your website also provides its computing resources. They give security to your website and also take responsibility for its maintenance. (Google cloud, Digitalocean)
  4. Cloud computing also plays a good role in the testing and development of software and network. Cloud services help in checking that your software is running smoothly or if there is an error in it
  5. Every business needs a database. But for this, you will spend a lot of money and at the same time, you will also need an expert. In contrast, a cloud database is a great option. The cloud service provider will not only provide support to you but will also take care of the maintenance and operation of the database.

 (How to Use Cloud Computing)

How can you save your photo, videos, document on the cloud, for that follow the steps given below?

  • Step 1. Create Gmail Account: To use Cloud Storage you need a Gmail Id. If you don’t have a Gmail account or Google Account, then first you create your Gmail Account.
  • Step 2. Login Your Gmail Account: If your Gmail account is already created, then you login to your Gmail account.
  • Step 3. Open Drive App: After login, you open the Drive App and click on the option of +.
  • Step 4. Click Upload Option: Now some options will come in front of you, out of which you have to click on Upload Option.
  • Step 5. Upload Your File: Now select any video, photo, a document from your gallery and upload it to Drive. Upload any information on Drive can be downloaded from anywhere by login Gmail account.

You can save any of your files and documents on Cloud Computing in such a simple way.

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Cloud Computing Courses

If you want to become an expert in Cloud Computing Services, then you can also do a course for this. Nowadays, many online courses are done by students through the Internet. Cloud Computing is also one of them. You have a lot of options to learn Online Cloud Computing.

There are some Online Cloud Computing Courses that you can do.

  • Cloud security
  • Mobile Cloud Computing
  • Cloud Computing Concepts

If you want to work for a company that benefits these Services or wants to work for one of the Major Cloud Computing Vendors then Coursera Google Cloud, Amazon, Web Services Leaders Cloud Computing Professional Certificate, Mastertrack Offers Certificate, Specializations, and Individual Courses also available.

After doing these courses, you will get a better knowledge of Cloud Computing.

 The course of Cloud Computing Architecture is the best among all these cloud computing courses. Let’s have a look at it….

Cloud Computing Architecture

Do you want to become even more Expert in Cloud Computing? If your answer yes, then you can do the Cloud Computing Architecture Course. This course helps you to become an Expert in Cloud Application and Architecture.

Cloud Computing Architecture is available on 2 Top Cloud Platform Providers – Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. 

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Cloud Computing Projects (Cloud Computing Mini Projects)

There is a lot of variety of projects based on Cloud Computing. If you are an Engineer Student or Researcher and Engineer, then these projects will be better for you.

There are so many types of projects in Cloud Computing you can create.

  1. Ebug Tracker – Bug Tracking System Project.
  2. Data Duplication Removal Using File Checksum.
  3. Android Offloading Computation Over Cloud.
  4. Customized Aes Using Pad And Chaff Technique And Diffie Hellman Key Exchange.
  5. Detecting Data Leaks Via SQL Injection Prevention On An E-commerce.
  6. Cloud-Based Attendance System.
  7. Secure Text Transfer Using Diffie Hellman Key Exchange Based On Cloud.
  8. University Campus Online Automation Using Cloud Computing.
  9. Cloud-Based Improved File Handling And Duplication Removal Using Md5.
  10. Online Bookstore System On Cloud Infrastructure.
  11. Cloud-Based Online Blood Bank System.
  12. Cloud-Based Student Information Chatbot Project.
  13. Cloud Computing For Rural Banking.

Types of Clouds Computing

There are 4 models of cloud computing in terms of different access and security options. The user can use any model as per their business needs. Before moving your data to the cloud, you need to consider which model will work best for your business and data needs.

1) Private Cloud:

Cloud computing assets are used for a specific business organization. This system is mainly useful for businesses in which computer resources are controlled and operated under a single organization.

 Cloud infrastructure faithfully hosts all the applications of a particular IT organization so that its complete control is over the data.

Private cloud services and infrastructure are maintained or managed by you or a third party.

2) Community Cloud:

The Computing resources are providing to the community and organization. So the cloud is shared between other IT organizations.

In a community cloud, where many organizations share access to a private cloud with similar security attentions. For example, a series of franchises have their public clouds but are hosted remotely in a private environment.

3) Public Cloud:

Public cloud is commonly used in Business to Consumer. In this, computer resources are operated and controlled by the government, academy, and business institutions.

A public cloud is where data Storage is managed by an external organization such as Google or Microsoft. It service also provides the high level of flexibility and cost savings. Also it is more vulnerable than private clouds.

These services are available to all users. Users can access the services through the Internet. You have to pay according to how much you use the services.

4) Hybrid Cloud:

A hybrid cloud is a mixed form of public and private clouds. Under this, you can keep the important application in a private cloud and for the secondary application, you can use a public cloud. When there is a connection between the public and private clouds, it is called a hybrid cloud.

This Combination is 2 or more different types of clouds (Private, Public, and Community) only then Hybrid cloud infrastructure is formed.

How does cloud computing work?

Cloud mainly offers three types of services –

  1. Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
  2. Platform as a Service (PaaS)
  3. Software as a Service (SaaS)

1. IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service)

IaaS is a fundamental service of cloud computing. In a virtual way user can access computing resources through the Internet and it provides various types of computing services and infrastructures like virtual server space, network connections, bandwidth, load balancers, and IP addresses, etc.

It is the service model where virtualized infrastructure for businesses is offered and managed by an external cloud provider. Under this, companies can outsource storage, server, data center space, and cloud networking components through the internet.

 IasS services is a self-service models which used for monitoring, accessing, and managing the infrastructure from a remote location.

Examples IasS services are Servers, Firewalls, Routers, CDN.

Here you are simply given the infrastructure (space) and how to use the whole space you have to set up yourself according to your needs. 

However, These service providers will give you “data storage, server, virtualization, and networking”. Also IaaS service is used for web application development and online-based application creation. 

IaaS is is very suitable for small-scale businesses as it has a relatively lower cost of IT infrastructure. By using IaaS computing, any business can save a lot of costs such as maintenance, buying new components like -hard-drives, network connections, external storage devices, etc.

IaaS service provides you with the highest level of management control and flexibility on your IT resources.

 2. PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service)

This cloud computing service is a great platform for software developers and by using this service, developers can easily develop, run, and manage different applications. In this case, a third-party provider is provided the hardware and software tools needed for application development.

For a developer, the process of creating a web application through this cloud computing service becomes much easier for developers. It provides a line of self-service modules for software developers to manage the computing infrastructure from centralized IT operations.

This service can be hosted in the cloud itself and the user can access it from anywhere through the internet anytime. It provides to a user a platform with different tools where he can develop the application.

The new features are updated for users from time to time. It is actually beneficial for software developers, web developers, and other businesses. The facility and applications are also available in these services.

It service gives you more control over the technical aspects of your computing setup. Also gives the ability to customize it to your needs.

PaaS as a service fulfills the requirement of resources capacity planning, software maintenance, patching, or any other requirement that you take to run your software application.

3. SaaS (Software-as-a-Service)

SaaS is a cloud-based technique that is used to provide software services to the operator through the Internet. A SaaS user does not need to install for using software or application on a computer. You can use it by logging into the SaaS application through the internet and the main application will be hosted on a cloud server.

SaaS application used any web browser. “Gmail” and “Yahoo mail” are important examples of this type of SaaS application.

SaaS or software as a service is hosted by a service provider or vendor and through the Internet, these service is available to customers all over the world

In today’s time, SaaS becomes a very popular service delivery model. The software application host is responsible for controlling, maintaining, and updating the application software settings. As a user, you have limited control over the application and its configuration settings.

SaaS provides users with software applications such as E-mail, Adobe, and Google G Suite, etc.,  that why you do not need to install any software to use it on your device.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of cloud computing

1.The most prominent feature in the features of cloud computing is that files can be used simultaneously in different places on Mobile, Computer, Tablet.

2.It is very easy to use, it looks like a Computer / Windows Explorer.

3.If you have saved all your contacts and information on cloud storage, then it is safe even after your phone format, if you log in your email then your data will come again.

4.You can also edit your files online.

5. There is no limit to any file size, file of any size can be shared online.

6.  You do not have to install additional hardware to use Cloud Computing.

7. Many Providers also provide this service for free such as – Google Drive in which you get up to 15GB of storage free.

8.Using cloud computing saves you cost because now you don’t have to invest in an expensive system or any other infrastructure.

9.Cloud services are very easy to access. Users can avail of services with the help of computing devices and the Internet.

10.Companies can store their data in a centralized location, which makes data control easy.

11.Most cloud services provide free and secure huge storage space for the user to store data.

            Friends, You are well aware of its benefits and advantages. But do you know that along with the advantages of cloud computing has also some disadvantages?

1.It is not right to rely solely on the cloud service provider for the privacy and security of your important data.

2.Internet is not completely safe, there is always a danger of cyber-attack on it. So you always need to be alert.

3.Cloud’s data management is a very difficult task. Data management is a worry under the cloud. The cloud storage system has its basic structure so it a little bit difficult to match it with your system.

4.These service is completely dependent on the Internet. It is beneficial as well as harmful to a business because if the internet connectivity of the cloud service provider has been lost then your business stops for that much time.

5.The user using these services has minimal control over the functions of software and hardware, as IT resources are in remote servers. 


           I sincerely hope that I have given you complete information about what is Cloud Computing. It has always been my endeavor that I always help my readers from all sides, if you people have any doubt of any kind, then you can ask me irresponsibly. I will try to solve those Doubts. What do you think about this article What is Cloud Computing? Please tell us by writing a comment so that we too have a chance to learn something from your ideas and improve something.

           In the end, I would like to request you to share this article if you like it. Because maybe this article written about cloud computing is a very important topic for someone else. So, you must share this article on Facebook and Twitter and also on the Whatsapp platform. Thank you.

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