What is Internet Protocol Address

What is Internet Protocol Address (IP Address) in Simple Language

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Friends, you must have heard the word “IP address” which full form is known as  “Internet Protocol address”. It is in the form of mathematical digits.

            A unique address is given to device like computers, tablets, smartphones, etc. for connecting to the Internet. It is used to communicate the identity of that device with other devices on the Internet.

              An IP address acts as a communication between any devices, with the help of it we can data transferred from one place to another.

             Without an IP address, you cannot connect one device to another network.

              The IP address works in two devices, one is connect to the internet and the other to connect one device to another device in the local area network.

            Also, The IP address does two things – one to identify the identity and the other to locate.

              However, People often say this “internet protocol address” as “IP number” or “internet address”. The IP address is also called the passport of the Internet.

              For a common user, it is not necessary to know about it but to be an internet user; you should keep some information about this.

               So, today I will cover for you everything one by one in this article. I Hope, you will get your almost questions. Let us know complete information about what internet protocol address (IP Address) is in simple language and how it works so that you will know all about the technology.

              So, without delay let’s start and know what is IP addressing, types of IP address, functions of IP address with IP address example, and IP address format. Also know about how to find the IP address of mobile, laptop, computer, or any devices.

What is internet protocol address (IP Address )

              When you using the Internet, you receive the data associated with any website from the website’s main server on your mobile or computer. After receiving the aforesaid data from the website’s servers, you can see that website and website’s contents.

              So whenever you use the internet, you exchange different data and information from different server computers.

 Make it understand with an example,

              When you watch a video on YouTube in your Smartphone, you are receiving data and information related to the video from YouTube’s server on your Smartphone via the Internet.

              To receive data & information from YouTube’s server to your Smartphone YouTube’s server will need an address otherwise the server of YouTube not providing any data if the server not find proper address your Smartphone device.

              So, when using the Internet, your device address is called “IP Address” or “Internet protocol address”. With the IP address, it is possible to find the address of the device you are using on the huge web of the internet.

              After finding the address, different web servers can exchange different files, data, or information according to the address of your device that is active on the internet, as a result, you can view and use information or data associated with different websites.

            This IP address assists as your identity card on the Internet technology.

            It is a 4 digit number, such as “”.

            All the data you are transferring/receiving on the internet it just because of see through this “IP address”.

            An IP address is your identity and address on the internet.

            Make it simple with a realistic example,

              You may have heard many times that the police have arrested the culprit who was uploading some offensive pictures or videos on various social media websites on the internet.

              Now the question is how the police find out who among the billions of Internet users did this?

              The answer is very simple the police caught the culprit “via the IP address of the uploaded person”.

              An IP address is the identity or address of the internet user and every device of mobile or computer has an Internet Protocol (IP).

             So, when culprits uploaded offensive image or video, that data was transferred through their IP address the police have been able to catch the culprit much more easily.

              So, never think that you if done wrong works in the internet no one can find you.

 What is IP address in web technology?

              An Internet Protocol address is a form of numerical label  which is used for any device or computer for connecting to a “computer network” using the “Internet Protocol” for communication.

             It mainly assists for two tasks, one for identifying the host & network interface and the other for identifying the location of the device.

            Using the “Internet” on your computer or mobile an IP address is given by your ISP (internet service provider).

Why does the internet use IP addresses?

              An IP address gives an identity to a specific computer or computer network or smartphone device. Like you must have a specific physical location to identify your home or business office with an identifiable address. In the same way, different devices in a network have a different IP addresses.

              For example. If  you have to send a parcel to your friend who lives in another country. Then you need to know about his exact destination location. Only the receiver’s name is not enough for it , you must have a specific address, which is written or attached to that parcel, so that the said parcel can be easily accessible.

              If the data is sent to the Internet with the help of the process. At the same time, your computer uses DNS servers to look up the hostname, so that its IP address can be found.

              For example, when a user enters a website such as www.webtechvilla.com in a browser, then a request is sent to the DNS servers to load the page from which the DNS server is called that hostname to find its corresponding IP address.

IP address version

          The IP address has two different versions in the global Internet one is IP version 4 (IPv4) and IP version 6 (IPv6).

            IPv4 is the oldest and most widely used format, while IPv6 is slowly coming in and replacing IPv4.

              When the designers designed the IP address, the IP address was a 32-bit number and the system was called IPv4.

              But due to the growth of the Internet, the IP addresses that were in the 32-bit number system started falling short, so the designers launched a new IP Address system which is called IPv6.

               However, IPV4 is still very popular and is in use but in the future, it will be converted to IPV6.

            The new IP system is IPv6 128 bit address and was developed in 1995.

              An IP address is in a numerical format which is called human-readable format so that we can understand IP such as (IPv4), 2041: 0000: 130F: 0000: 0: 667: 4: 2 (IPv6).

What is IPv4 in Networking? 

              The “IPv4″ IP was first developed in 1983. This fourth version of IP helps  to find the devices that are active in a network.

              These “IPV4” works by using some “addressing system”.

              IPv4 is a 32-bit binary number.

              Some of these IPv4 addresses look like “192.18.954.1” which is separated into a number by dividing it into four parts. And each range is from 0 to 255. In which each part is of 8 bits.

              IPV4 usually appears as binary, hexadecimal, etc. But IPV4 can have only limited IP addresses.   In present time IPv4 Address is available in virtually all devices.

What is IPv6 in Networking? 

              The full name of IPv6 is Internet Protocol version 6 and is an upgraded version of IPv4. This IPv6 function is also the same as that of IPv4 – providing a unique numeric IP address to the device to communicate over the Internet.

              IPv6 was developed by the IETF – Internet Engineering Task Force Organization (which develops Internet technologies).

              After the growth of Internet users after 1990, in addition to IPv4, such technology was needed that could support more network and Internet users. IPv4 uses a 32-bit address and can simultaneously support 4.3 (2 ^ 32 IP addresses in total) million addresses while IPv6 uses a 128-bit address and 3.4 × 10 ^ 128 (2 ^ 128 Internet addresses)

           The modern version of IP version of the Internet Protocol is IPv6.

            IPv6 is a 128 bit IP address.

            IPV6 is the “alphanumeric addressing system” and it uses both numbers and the English alphabet are used.

            The IPv6 was introduced in 1995.

            IP version 6 looks like “2670: 8765: 59f: 4897: 092j: v2fe: 8hj9: 95jh”.

            But due to the increasing number of internet users for the last few years, IPv6 was developed in place of the IPv4 in which unlimited IP addresses can be created.

              IPv6 has been launched with  adding many useful technologies and  modern desktop and servers are support IPv6.

 Benefits of using IPv6 address –

  1. The IP address size increased from 32 bits to 128 bits, so that more devices can be supported on the Internet.
  2. The header format is simple.
  3. More efficient routing is possible: In IPv6 the routing table size will be reduced so that routing will be more efficient and hierarchical. In IPv6, ISPs can announce IPv6 over the Internet by single prefixing their customer’s IP networks.
  4. Due to multicast support, it sends large data packets simultaneously so that bandwidth can be fully utilized.
  5. Network Address Translation (NAT) will not be required in IPV6 which will truly end to end device connectivity.
  6. This address supports auto-configuration, which is called the address assignment.
  7. Manual configuration for IP does not require DHCP.
  8. Built-in authentication and privacy support.

Difference between IPv4 vs IPv6 in computer network

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IPv4 is of 32 bit,  IPv6 is of 128 bit
Number of Address -2 ^ 32Number of Address – 2 ^ 128  
IPv4 is binary numbers represented in decimalsIPv6 addresses are binary numbers represented in hexadecimal.  
  The checksum field is required to find an error in the IPv4 headerThe checksum field has been removed from IPv6 Header
The header length is 20 bytesThe header length is 40 bytes  
IPsec support is optionalIPSec support is inbuilt.  
It uses broadcast & multicaseIt does not use broadcast & multicase  
The sending host and forwarding routers do Fragmentation.Fragmentation takes place only from the sending host. There is no role of the router in it.  

What is the function of the IP address?

            I am answering this question simply and straightforwardly.

              The function of the Internet Protocol address (IP address) is helping your computer device to connect to various other computer devices operating on a computer network.

            Suppose you are using the Internet. Now, going to any website means accessing the data and files of that website through the internet network and connecting to the server computer of the website.

              In this case, this IP address helps your local computer device to connect to other computing devices through a common network. This is because, through the IP address, one computer device active in the common network can find another computer device.

              Moreover, these IP addresses help in finding the address of a “hardware device” using any computer network. So, to say the work of IP addresses these two main functions of these Internet protocols.

Type of Internet Protocol (IP)

            There are many types of IP Addresses. Where all IP addresses are made up of numbers and letters, the functions of all addresses are not the same.

            There are mainly two types of IP addresses.

            1) Private IP address

            2) Public IP address

1) Private IP address:

              Within a local network, “private IP address” is used to connect different computer devices and it is basically used to connect  your home network or business network.

              A “private IP address” network address is created between two or more devices  when they are connected to a cable network or wifi network.

              Private IP Addresses are used in the “inside” of a network. These IP addresses are used to communicate your devices with the router and other devices in a private network. Private IP addresses are set manually or can be assigned automatically by your router.

              In the case of internal use in a router or network address translation (NAT), these private IP addresses are saved.

Public IP address: 

              For each user, this public IP address will be different. These types of IP addresses are provided by your ISP (Internet Service Provider).

              If you have a home or business network, then these private addresses are mainly used to use the internet network.

              Public IP Addresses are used in the “outside” of the network, which is assigned by the ISP. This is the same main address that is used in your home or business network to communicate with networked devices around the world (that is, the internet).

            It provides a way for your devices to reach the ISP so that you can directly communicate with websites and other devices from all over the world from your personal computer.

Public IP addresses can be of two types,

1) Static IP Addresses

2) Dynamic IP Addresses

              Static IP Address is purchased by ISP (Internet Service Provider) to access a server. Public IP Address is provided by Internet Service Providers (ISPs) which cannot be changed. And this address is different. Like, a website, DNS server, etc.

            Whereas if a device does not have DHCP enabled or does not support it then the IP address is manually assigned, in this case, the IP address is called a static IP address.

              On the other hand, Dynamic IP Address is created on an Internet connection and automatically changes when the computer is connected to the Internet. An IP address that is assigned by a DHCP server is called a dynamic IP address.

              Both private IP addresses and public IP addresses can be either dynamic or can also be static, which means that they can either change or not.

Difference between Private IP Address Vs Public IP address:

              A public IP address is the IP address that is accessed from the Internet. When your computer is connected to the Internet, your computer gets an IP address. That IP address is called Public IP Address.

               It is a globally unique IP address that is unique in the entire internet network and without it, your computer or device cannot connect to the internet.

              The private IP address helps to connect your computer to a local area network that is not exposing directly to the Internet. As you are using some computers in your home and they are connected network, then they need an IP address. This is a private IP address.

              In this case, if these computers also have to connect to the Internet, then a router is connected to a private network that gets a public IP address (from ISP). This router is between the Internet and your computers and the computers will need the Internet. Works to connect to Thus, the Network Information Center (InterNIC) has blocked a private IP address range for all organizations that organizations can use in their internal network without any cost.

How to check the IP address of mobile, laptop, computer, or any device.

               The IP address that is used to connect to the Internet is called the real IP address and the one used to connect to the local network is generally called a Private IP address. So now the question arises here that if a device that is also connected in the local area and also from the Internet, will that device have two IP addresses? So the answer is Yes.

              For example, if you connect to the internet using BSNL broadband at your home, then your router gives your devices a private IP address which can be anything from to

               Whereas BSNL also gives a unique IP address to that router from DHCP with the help of which router connects that computer to the internet. These IP addresses are real IP addresses.

              Now you have to check the IP address in such a computer which is working with two IP addresses, then you will find both the IP address windows with one command in any computer or laptop. Let’s see how –

First Method:

            Check out the Public and Private IP address by using command prompt command –

            Step 1 – First of all you have to click on Start in windows OS and go to run.

            Step 2 – On run you have to type cmd which will open the black window of the command prompt.

            Step 3 – At that command prompt you have to type a command – IPconfig / all

            This command will show you all the information related to DNS and DHCP along with the MAC address, private, the public IP address of that computer.

Second Method :

            How to find Computer, laptop ya mobile IP real or public IP address (which your internet command gives you at run time):–

            Step 1 – Open the whatismyIPaddress.com website in your mobile or computer browser.

             Step 2 – This will show the IP address of your device as soon as you open the website.

What is the rule to find out your IP address?

            Under the above, we understand the importance of IP address and why IP address is used.

            Now learn about how to find out the IP address of yur computer, mobile, or laptop.

            The method to see the Internet Protocol address can be done through in two special ways.

  1. Through internet search.
  2. Via the Windows command prompt.

How to find IP address by searching internet?

            Below I will tell you 3 (three) processes to find the IP of any device.

The first process:

            Step 1: Open any “web browser” on the device you are trying to find out the IP address of.

            Step 2: Now, you go to the Google search website by typing “Google.com” from the web browser.

            Step 3: You need to type a sentence i.e. “what is my IP” into Google search.

            Then Google will display you the “public IP” of the device you are using.

The second process :

            Step 1: Open a “Web browser” from the device that is trying to find out the IP info of the computer.

            Step 2: Now, you have to go to the website “whatismyIPaddress.com”.

            Step 3: As soon as you visit the website you will be shown complete information related to your IP address.

            You can get the complete information from this website like below mentioned

            Your public IP address.

            IPS (using a company’s Internet).

            Region (where your device is).

            Country (IP address is in which country).

The third process

            In this process, you will learn how to find out the IP address of a device using the windows command prompt.

            Step 1: Search by typing “CMD” in the “Search Box” in front of the “Windows logo” of your computer.

            Step 2: Now you will see an icon at the command prompt. Go to that icon, right-click on your mouse and click on the option of “run as administrator”.

            Step 3: The “command prompt” will start on your computer. After the command prompt starts, type “IPconfig” and press “Enter”.

            Step 4: Now you can see the “IPv4” and “IPv6” addresses of your computer inside your command prompt dialog box.

How to find IP address of your Smartphone?

            You have understood IP address so far and to know why IP Address is important.

            Now the question comes, how to find IP address of mobile devices through internet search?

            I tell you the very easy way to find the IP address by Internet search

            Step 1: First of all, Open any one web browser on your mobile device.

            Step 2: Now write what is my IP in the search box of the browser and press enter.

            By doing this, you will get the IP address of your Smartphone.


              Hopefully, I have been able to give you all the important information about what internet protocol address (IP Address) and types of IP address, functions of IP address with IP address example, and IP address format along with how to find your IP address in the right way.

              However, if you have any questions or problems, please let us know in the comments below.

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