Windows 10 cool tricks

Windows 10 cool tricks to improve productivity

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Since when Windows 10 was released, Microsoft has several updates. Like the anniversary update, the creator’s update. These updates are brought numerous cool features to the operating system. That also means several hidden features and tricks are in Windows 10. You might have not missed out on these hidden features and tricks so I am talking about today in these articles of windows 10 cool tricks and you should know these tricks to improve your productivity. So without wasting your time let’s get started.

1) Lock your PC Automatically

Sometimes there are you a situation when you get up from your office desk to take a cup of coffee, but you forget to lock to your laptop. And you would not want another person to take a peek inside your laptop, would you?

Well in Windows 10 there are cool features for you of the Dynamic lock that comes into play with Windows 10. The Dynamic lock automatically logs on your laptop when you away from your laptop.

Just to enable it, you will first have to pair your phone to a PC via Bluetooth.

And go to settings, then go to accounts, and then go to sign-in options.

Here scroll down below and just check the option on the Dynamic Lock.

Now whenever you move away from your laptop with your phone, the Laptop will automatically be locked when your phone is out of the computer’s Bluetooth range.

Do you know that this feature might only be available on the Windows 10 creator’s update?


2) Free Up Storage

If you have a high rang Windows laptop with SSD, you must face a storage problem once in a while. Thankfully Windows 10 bring a great Storage Manager.

On the system page of settings, go to the storage option, here you’ll find all the drives on the PC.

You can just click on the drive to get the specific details on what is using up storage on your device. So, you can remove files that you don’t need.

 There are also temporary files, you just click on it to delete the temporary files, downloaded files, empty the recycle bin, and file from a previous Windows version.

If you don’t want to go through the hassle of cleaning these files every time then you can enable storage access itself.

To delete temporary files from apps and files in recycle bin those have been there for 30 days.

This is surely free up space for you.

3) Set Up the Night Light

If you use a laptop for long working hours especially at night you might have felt a little discomfort in your eyes that because of the blue light in the display.

 Well, Windows users have used flux that filters out the blue light on the display. Windows now offer in need to the solution of the night light.

Just go to Windows settings on the system then display, you should see the night light option there.

Now just enable it and you’ll see the color temperature of the screen change.

 You can also personalized things if you want. You can schedule night light from sunset to sunrise or set a custom time. 

4) Record Steps on windows

Teaching someone the step to do a particular task on Windows through texting or a call can be very annoyed. The best way is through images.

Well, not many people know that Windows includes a cools step of the recorded feature that well records your entire step.

 Just launched Steps recorder and a small window should be opened up.

Just hit the start record button to record the steps you want to show someone.

 You can review the steps. Anyone at any common while recordings these steps.

 This should very handy windows 10 cool tricks.


5) Sticky Notes

You must use sticky notes on Windows PC. But did you know that they have a really intelligent feature? Just open sticky notes by searching on the search Bar

In the sticky note, hit the menu bottom and then click on the gear icon at the bottom. Here just enable the inside options.

Ones that you just write a note like pay my electricity bill tomorrow and you will see the tomorrow highlighted.

 you can even note down the phone numbers and you can be used to check stock value, note website, and open it directly. Sticky notes just got easier.


6) Use Emojis on Windows

Emojis a become an integral part of conversation on the internet.

Sadly, there is no way to type an Emoji easily from a hardware keyboard.

But the good news is you can send Emojis from an on-screen Windows keyboard.

Just right-click on the Taskbar and tick on the show touch keyboard option.

Now the touch keyboard will be available to you at all times.

Just can open up and go to the Emoji page and send as many Emojis as you want.

7)  Open Virtual Desktop

Virtual desktops feature of Windows 10 is fantastic feature if you’re working on a lot of different things on your PC. This feature is very super helpful for those that don’t have  multiple monitor and can help  maximize and improve productivity.

In virtual desktops you have the power to bring up an overview of your desktops, opening multiple applications on single monitor screen as becoming cumbersome  and also the desktop is uncluttered and switching between applications is super easy to manage through with this option.

You can also add new ones or remove existing ones on these features.

 For that you just press the bottom of  Windows key+Tab

8) Some Handy Keyword Shortcuts

Lastly, keyboard shortcuts are the best way to use a Windows computer. Some great keyboard shortcuts you can use Windows 10.

 Well, you can use Windows + PrtScr to save a screenshot of the full screen.

You can use Windows + shift + S to capture part of the screen.

Another keyboard shortcut is the ability to press F2 to rename files and folders.

Friends, if you have liked these Windows 10 cool tricks then do not forget to share it with your friends and if there is any confusion related to it, then you can ask in the comment box. Thanks.

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